Buss N509 Elderflower Gin 0.7 l

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Buss Spirits
Alcoholic strength:
40 %

Price per liter:  42.81/l

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The Belgian Buss No. 509 Elderflower Gin boasts the intense flavour of Elderflower coupled with other attractive Botanicals

Visually oriented the Belgian Buss No. 509 Elderflower Gin is a hand crafted small batch Gin. Its stylish purple color shines through the attractive bulbous bottle with a label in the old style which definitely offers the Buss No. 509 Elderflower Gin a very successful appearance for any bar!

As its name suggests, the intense flavour of Elderflower is the Botanical of choice for this Belgian creation. With the Elderflower flavoring already on the nose, coupled with other interesting ingredients you have a guaranteed winner. The freshness of the sweet elderberry flowers in combination with other shades already offer a large room for interpretation in the delectable smell and arouses interest.

Elderflowers grow in the foothills of the French Alps and are harvested by hand in the spring months. These prized white blossoms from the elder shrub only bloom for a few weeks each year. Once harvested the flowers are quickly processed before the blossoms lose their intoxicating scent. 

This fragrant Buss No. 509 Elderflower Gin unfolds slowly in the mouth, and so resonate with flavors of woody Juniper berry, bowls of lemons and oranges and coriander seeds. Covered by wooden notes that are most likely attributable to the creamy Angelica and Iris roots, this flavorful Gin offers a potpourri of special emotions. The overall impression of this 1st grade Buss No. 509 round off liquorice, vanilla beans and cardamom. The finish is pleasantly fresh and leaves free floral ideas. 

As already mentioned this Gin is not from England as one might suspect. Buss No. 509 Elderflower Gin is Belgian and creates an attractive combination of Gin after the Belgian and Dutch model. The passionate creator, Serge Buss from Belgian comes from a long line of entrepreneurs.  Buss opened his first restaurant at the age of 20 in Antwerp and his restaurant talents extended to creating this superb and innovative range of premium Gin in 2013 which now caters to a niche market. The sought-after Buss No. 509 spirits are all 100% grain based, hand-crafted and contain no additives.

The extraordinary Gin Buss spirits which have become famous for their bulbous, old apothecary bottle container is manufactured by the company. The elegant Buss No. 509 Elderflower Gin is not a single Gin in the home of Buss. The Buss No. 509 Elderflower Gin is one of six award-winning Gins in a whole series of different flavour-infused Gin creations.

Buss No. 509 Elderflower Gin serves as a perfect aperitif in the summer accompanied by fresh and light cooking. The Buss No. 509 is also the right choice for the ever-popular Gin and tonic.

Buss N509 Elderflower Gin 0.7 l

  • Colouring: no
  • Belgian Gin

BUSS Spirits
Waalse Kaai 44
2000 Antwerp Belgium

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