Bulldog London Dry Gin 1 l

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  • Bulldog London Dry Gin
Bulldog Gin
United Kingdom
Alcoholic strength:
40 %

Price per liter:  23.59/l

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Bulldog Gin, a London Dry Gin that is neither boring nor conservative. Rather it excels in the use of 12 interesting Botanicals

On close inspection of the Bulldog London Dry Gin one realizes that this Gin appears neither boring nor conservative and is a true London Dry Gin.

The Bulldog London Dry Gin is defined by twelve perfectly coordinated Botanicals which include juniper, almond which infuses a smooth nutty flavor, angelica root which adds a musky aroma, liquorice which adds complex sweetness, coriander seed which adds complex earthy notes, Orris root which adds an earthy and nutty texture, cassia which adds a rich spicy and floral flavor, Lotus leaves, lavender and dragon eye fruit. Dragon eye fruit is a native of China and is similar to the taste of the lychee.

This outstanding Bulldog London Dry Gin was awarded the inclusion in the list of the "50 best spirits worldwide" by the "wine enthusiast magazine". So far no other Gin could attain this award for highest quality. By taking a look at the special production method this award appears not particularly surprising.
London Dry Gin is dry and the dominant Botanical is the juniper. London Dry Gin  may have no sweetening substances added and has Botanicals added in every stage of production.

Bulldog London Dry Gin is produced exclusively from premium grain alcohol and the softest water. In addition the Bulldog distillery uses no flavour enhancers or artificial flavors. Only natural materials find their way into this Gin from England and proves that you can see naturalness and taste.

The Bulldog London Dry Gin is distilled a total of four times in traditional copper boilers, also called "Copper pot Stills" which gives the Gin its special class and is filtered three times. Whisky-friends will know that this repeated distillation procedure is vital to the production of a perfect product.

This fact reaffirms that the high quality standards of the Bulldog London Dry Gin still has top priority. The  Gin production is subjected to conclude through a special filter which filters out the very last residue, makes the Gin appear very clear and makes the Gin wonderfully soft.

The Bulldog London Dry Gin is a relatively young Gin and has been available only for a very short time on the market. The Gin was conceived in 2006 and the Gin was launched in 2007. The huge demand has however already confirmed that the Bulldog London Dry Gin has been successful and was able to convince many Gin beginners and connoisseurs of its high quality. The beautiful black bottle with a picture of an English bulldog in a red phone booth has a very strong British association.

In summary, the Bulldog London Dry Gin is a premium spirit with Oriental facets that you should preferably discover pure, but of course the Bulldog London Dry Gin offers the perfect base for a refreshing Gin and tonic too!

Bulldog London Dry Gin 1 l

  • Colouring: no
  • London Dry Gin
  • England

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