Momentum German Dry Gin 44% 0.7 Litre

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  • Momentum German Dry Gin
Alcoholic strength:
44 %

Price per liter: € 55.56/l

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The hand-made Momentum German Dry Gin is of German origin and its unique taste is as a result of the use of aromatic Basil

Immediately after the opening of the premium dry Momentum German Dry Gin the sense of smell and the room is occupied by vivid and intense dry juniper berry notes. Accompanying the classic juniper berry is a touch of fruity citrus notes and a hint of fresh fennel. The taste the innovative Momentum German Dry Gin is very soft and well-balanced. The spicy juniper berry stands in the foreground and is perfectly complemented by spicy herbal aromas and a unique basil flavor. The finish of the delicious Momentum German Dry Gin is very elegant and dry and shows off the spice of the herbal aromas especially well. The singular Gin has a superb lingering finish and the luxurious taste remains on the palate for some time.

The hand-crafted Momentum German Dry Gin is produced by Munich Beverage Concierge GmbH & Co. KG under the highest quality standards in Mosel Germany. The special Gin is still quite young and is fired since 2014 with a fine wheat distillate and a specially developed recipe which includes ten handpicked Botanicals. Among the 10 botanicals are spicy juniper berry, zesty citrus, soft lavender, fragrant ginger, oregano, thyme, winter savory and most importantly the aromatic and rare Indian Tulsi basil, which gives the Momentum German Dry Gin its unique flavor. During the entire manufacturing process of this singular gin neither artificial flavors nor flavor enhancers are used. The distillation process for the “cuisine-style” Momentum German Dry Gin is especially gentle. The basil is extracted at night to ensure that none of the delicate herbs are impaired in their taste.

Visually a bottle of the refreshing Momentum German Dry Gin is simple, modern and elegant - true to the motto “less is more”. In the transparent glass bottle with futuristic Momentum lettering the slightly yellowish color of the sought-after Gin comes to its best advantage. Moreover the lettering on the bottle is embellished by a green basil plant. A bottle of the sought-after Momentum German Dry Gin is an unusual and exciting Gin to have in a spirit collection.

In order to enjoy the unique flavor of the basil Momentum German Dry Gin completely it is recommended that you enjoy the Gin pure or add a few ice blocks. Furthermore the Momentum German Dry Gin is ideal for mixing a classic Gin and tonic or Basil drink. A Basil Smash cocktail is created by the addition of basil leaves, lemon juice and sugar syrup in different variations for a refreshing summer drink. To ensure an optimum Gin and tonic with the Momentum German Dry Gin we recommend a 28 Drinks Tonic Water or Fever Tree Tonic Water to be use for mixing.

Momentum German Dry Gin 44% 0.7 Litre

  • Colouring: no

Beverage Concierge GmbH & Co.KG
Floarstraße 56
81827 München

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