Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 1 l

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  • Tanqueray Gin
United Kingdom
Alcoholic strength:
41,3 %

Price per liter:  28.89/l

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The extraordinary Tanqueray Rangpur Gin is a superb and mild Gin that knows how to inspire with a unique fresh and tasty citrus aroma

After opening the Tanqueray Rangpur Gin bottle you will be spoiled with sweet fragrant notes of a lime and lemon nose. These dulcet tones turn on the tongue into a pleasant freshness which is characterized by spicy juniper berry  and zesty citrus. This freshness is rounded off with fine spicy notes of ginger. The finish of the Tanqueray Rangpur Gin is big, powerful and pleasently spicy and lingers on the palate like a velvet glove for some time after the tasting with a super zesty summer zing.

The tasty Tanqueray Rangpur Gin is a distilled Gin and is the youngest addition of the famous Tanqueray Gin series and is on the market since 2006. Just like its brothers the well-balanced Tanqueray Rangpur Gin is sucessfully produced in Cameron Bridge, Scotland, and is baked in a traditional combustion boiler under the highest quality standards with British-Indian tradition. Tanqueray Gin was initially distilled in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in  London. Following his death in 1868, his son Charles took over the distillery, which continued to operate until it was damaged during World War II. Although the distillery originated in England the Gin is now made with the greatest care in Scotland .

The smooth, dry and lemony Tanqueray Rangpur Gin was introduced to the market as a total contrast  to most other Gins with its unusual fruity aroma. Originally the Tanqueray Rangpur Gin was only sold in the USA market but it is still possible to purchase the Tanqueray Rangpur Gin in Europe in reputable online stores. The Tanqueray Rangpur Gin receives its very special flavour through its carefully selected Botanicals which include ginger, bay leaves, corriander, angelica, nutmeg, cinnamon, liquorice, juniper berries, citrus and rare Rangpur lime (a suprising mixture of lemon and tangerine).

Unlike its brothers from the Tanqaueray Gin series the Tanqueray Rangpur Gin bottle is not the usual dark green in design, but is a cheerful mint-green. The mint-green colour of the Tanqueray Rangpur Gin bottle shows that this spirit is a Gin which is particularly fruity and refreshing. The bottle has a screw cap and has the well-known house of Tanqueray red seal and label which exudes discreet elegance and makes for a perfect gift. The Tanqueray Rangpur Gin is a specialty Gin and should be treated as such in your collection.

The best way to enjoy the bold and crisp Tanqueray Rangpur Gin is to mix it with ginger ale or cranberry juice with a wedge of lime. For those who would rather drink Gin pure, it is recommended that the Gin  is consumed "on the rocks". The Tanqueray Rangpur Gin also makes the perfect addition to a colourful and fruity cocktail.

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin 1 l

  • Colouring: no

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