Finsbury London Dry Gin 1 l

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United Kingdom
Alcoholic strength:
37,5 %

Price per liter: € 11.49/l

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The Finsbury London Dry Gin is a traditional dry English Gin, which has inspired for centuries with a smooth, exotic and easy spicy flavour

The Finsbury London Dry Gin convinces the nose with fine notes and an elegant bouquet of spicy juniper berry which is accompanied by a pleasant spice from other different herbs and exotic fruit. The palate is awakened with dominant flavours of coriander and juniper berry as well as a bit of sweetness. The tasty flavours  of the Finsbury London Dry Gin remain on the tounge for a very long time with its full-of age feeling, which increases the desire for more.

The internationally known English Finsbury London Dry Gin is a world famous Gin, and  a market leader in Australia, Thailand, Chile, Denmark, and Germany. The history of the Finsburg London Dry Gin goes back to 1740, in which Joseph Bishop created the Finsbury distillery in the London quarter Finsbury. In the Finsbury distillery the London Dry Gin is manufactured the exact same way it was over 250 years ago with the original secret recipe passed on from generation to generation. The city of London has streets, parks, squares and pubs named after Finsbury. In 1994 the Finsbury distillery was taken over by the beverage company Borco.

The illustrious Finsbury London Dry Gin is a single batch Gin made under the highest quality regulations. Distillation takes place in complex copper vats that are over 100 years old. The exquisite Gin is distilled six times which ensures a high quality Gin and the flavours of the natural Botanicals can be so best conserved. Since the recipe of the London Dry Gin is kept a secret we can only be sure of a few of the Botanicals that are used, namely juniper berry, coriander seed, herbs and exotic fruit.

Visually the crystal clear Finsbury London Dry Gin is presented in a heavy based transparent bottle with a metal twist top lid which almost looks like a massive hip flask and is adorned with a yellow label with black writing. The label is decorated with the coat of arms of the town center of London. The Finsbury London Dry Gin is a basic must have in any serious Gin collection and bar.

The famed Finsbury London Dry Gin is quite versitile and is ideal in many forms such as a favourite cocktail or a long drink. The Gin makes a fabulous clean and fresh classical Gin and tonic especially with an Aqua Monaco Tonic Water or a Fentimans Tonic Water. The Finsbury London Dry Gin must be good as it is one of the oldest known types of Gin that is still made today and has certainly stood the test of time.

Finsbury London Dry Gin 1 l

  • Colouring: no

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