Magellan Blue Gin 1 l

  • France
  • Magellan Gin
Alcoholic strength:
41,3 %

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A native of the French Angeac Distillery, Original Magellan Blue Gin is a full-bodied Gin with a fruity aroma

The French Original Magellan Blue Gin has an intense bouquet of fruity citrus and tangy juniper berry which occupies the entire space after opening the bottle. On the palate very intense flavors of fruity citrus and tangy juniper berry are also pronounced. Together these tastes make a refreshing and super smooth flavor combination that fully pampers the palate. The finish of the premium Original Magellan Blue Gin is very complex and long lasting and plesantly spoils the taste buds with the crisp freshness of Gin even long after consumption.

The delicious Original Magellan Blue Gin is produced in the Angeac Distillery which is located in the west of France in the town of Angeac. The production of the unusual Gin takes place under the most modern and highest quality standards. This meticulous work of the Angeac distillery won the gold medal at the Gin Masters in London in 2008. In addition to carefully selected wheat with which the base distillate is produced, spring water from the Gensac Spring which is naturally filtered through Grand Champagne limestone and is then naturally demineralized, and 11 carefully hand selected natural botanicals are used for the Original Magellan Blue Gin. The Botanicals include spicy juniper berry, exotic cinnamon, cassis, cardamom, nutmeg, zesty orange peel and iris bloom. The special feature is that the Gin contrary to other traditional Gins is not transparent, but is a beautiful soothing pale blue color as a result of the iris flower.

The extraordinary Original Magellan Blue Gin is distilled four times thereby obtaining a high degree of purity. In order to preserve the quality and exclusivity of the hand-crafted Gin those in charge of Angeac Distillery decided to produce it in small batches only.

Visually the solid Original Magellan Blue Gin is presented as a true eye-catcher. The transparent elongated glass bottle allows the blue color of Gin to come into its own. The elegant bottle is decorated by a sailing boat and palm trees. This Caribbean image inspires a wanderlust and desire for adventure, the very manner that Ferdinand Magellan – after whom the award winning Gin was named, sailed around the globe in 1519 with five ships to explore the Spice Islands.

In the tasting the well-balanced Original Magellan Blue Gin convinces with its full length. It makes an excellent impression both in pure tasting as well as in the form of a classic Gin and tonic or even a fruity refreshing cocktail. When mixing a Gin and tonic in particular the use of a 28 Drinks Tonic Water or Fever Tree Tonic Water is recommended in order that the best Gin and tonic taste is achieved.


  • Gold medal in 2008 at the London Gin Masters

Magellan Blue Gin 1 l

  • Colouring: yes
  • French Gin

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