Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin 0,7 l

  • United Kingdom
  • Plymouth Gin
Plymouth Gin
United Kingdom
Alcoholic strength:
41,2 %

Price per liter: € 27/l

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The Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin is a traditional English Dry Gin, and has been one of the most popular Gins in the world for centuries

The fabulous Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin at first convinces with the incredible sense of smell with fresh notes of juniper berry, cardamom and coriander. The taste of Plymouth Original Strength Gin sparkes a true taste symphony. The tongue and the palate will be pampered with creamy flavours of fresh lemon, spicy juniper berry and refreshing orange. Rich deep and earthy notes of coriander and angelica root are also visiable.  The finish of the full bodied Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin is mild, dry and long lasting making this Gin very pleasant.

The hand made and pot stilled Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin is produced in the Blackfriars Distillery in Plymouth, England which was once a Dominican Order Monastery built in 1431. The famous English Distilly has over 220 years of expertise and tradition and can proudly boast that it is the oldest Gin distillery in England. Because of its long tradition and its unique taste, the term Plymouth Gin, like the Wiener Schnitzel or Nόrnberger Bratwurst, is protected by the EU Commission as a geographical indication of origin. This means that only Gin distilled within the ancient city walls of Plymouth can be described as Plymouth Gin.

For the production of the smooth and aromatic Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin grain alcohol and water from the Dartmoor National Park, macerated with 7 special Botanicals -  angelica root, cardamom pods, coriander seeds, lemon zest, juniper berry, orange peel and Iris root are used. Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin is distilled three times in order to achieve an optimal result.

The design of the elegant glass bottle of Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin is kept simple. The Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin has a certain charisma, which is thanks to the traditional sailing ship on the label of the Gin. The sailing ship is a reference to the history of Gin and how it was served on the ships of the British Navy.

In comparison to other Gins, the complex Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin is not for mixing cocktails but only for pure enjoyment. By mixing the Gin you would no longer be able to smell and taste the appealing  finish of the crystal clear Plymouth Original Strength Dry  to its maximum.

The Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin has won may prestigous international awards over the years and proudly boasts with the followig achievements: 2006 Double Gold Medal for Best In Show (Gin) and Best In Show (Overall White Spirit), 2001 Double Gold Medal Winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2005 Silver Medal at The International Wine and Spirits Competition, International Spirits Challenge 1999 Trophy & Gold Winner.

Plymouth Original Strength Dry Gin 0,7 l

  • Colouring: yes

Black Friars Distillery
60 Southside Street
The Barbican
Plymouth PL1 2LQ
United Kingdom

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