Broker's London Dry Gin 47% 0,7 l

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United Kingdom
Alcoholic strength:
47 %

Price per liter:  21.13/l

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A native of England, the Brokers Premium London Dry Gin is a spicy Gin which pampers the palate with notes of piquant juniper berry and zesty citrus

Fresh aromas and a pleasant spiciness make the Broker's Premium London Dry Gin a prominent and compelling  dry Gin. The dominant juniper berry, cassia and witchhazel flavour and notes of tangy citrus and liquorice make the  Brokers Premium London Dry Gin pleasantly fresh and clean. The finish of the thick-bodied Brokers Premium London Dry Gin has a welcome length and will make you reach for more. Compared to the Broker's Gin with 40 vol.%  this high yield Gin scores with "more" taste and complexity. For a 47 vol % proof the superb Broker's Premium London Dry Gin is suprisingly smooth and subtle.

In the last 10 years the interesting Broker's Premium London Dry Gin won many more awards than other dry Gin. The celebrated Brokers Premium London Dry Gin recieved more than 90 points from the  "Beverage Testing Institute" which is quite an extraordinary achievement.

Based in Birmingham England, Broker's  Gin Ltd has an astounding 200 year history and focused experience. Broker's  Gin Ltd is regarded as a traditional distillery, which is particularly suitable for high-quality conventional dry Gin production.

For the production of the labour intensive Brokers Premium London Dry Gin, a quadruple distillation process is used in addition to a traditional pot still plant. This leads to an optimum aroma development and extracts maximum flavour from the many well chosen Botanicals that are carefully selected for the making of the traditional recipe. Among the Botanicals used are juniper berries imported from Macedonia, citrus peel and orange peel imported from Spain and nutmeg imported from India. The additional 7 vol.% is achieved by a longer rest period.

Broker's Gin Ltd would like to make it clear that England is historicaly the country of origin of Gin. For this reason, the manufacturer has decorated the label of the bottle with the image of a traditional stockbroker and the lid is moulded into the shape of a classic typical English bowler hat. The old-fashioned label lists the Botanicals used to make this fine classic  dry Gin. The Broker's Premium London Dry Gin should grace every Gin conoisseurs collection and is a must-have in all bars.

With its complexity and versitility, the Brokers's Premium London Dry Gin 47 vol% is suitable for pure enjoyment, for mixing as well as for long drinks. An excellent martini and a  classic Gin and tonic is also recommended, especially a 28 Drinks Tonic Water or Fentimans prove ideal.


  • 2013 Gold Medal at the London Gin Masters in the "super premium category"
  • 2011 Masters Award "London Gin Masters" in the "super premium category"
  • 2011 Gold Medal, World Spirits Awards in Austria
  • 2011 Gold Medal International Spirits Competition in Germany

Broker's London Dry Gin 47% 0,7 l

  • Colouring: no

Broker's Gin Ltd
Dial House Govett Avenue
TW17 8AG Shepperton
United Kingdom

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