Bardinet XO French Brandy 6 Years Old 0,7 l

  • France
  • Bardinet Brandy
Alcoholic strength:
40 %

Price per liter: € 18.39/l

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The superb Bardinet XO French Brandy 6 year old embodies decedent sweet aromas with woody strikes and a hint of nuts

The aroma of the quality Bardinet XO French Brandy 6 year old is perfectly balanced with fruity notes of grapes and a hint of nuts. In the delicious flavor the extra old Brandy is presented as harmonious with an aromatic note of wood and dried fruits.

The extremely gentle and rounded finish is a real feature of the special Brandy. For the ultimate consumption it makes sense to enjoy the award-winning Bardinet XO French Brandy 6 year old pure and at room temperature, perhaps to accompany a coffee. The outstanding Bardinet XO French Brandy 6 year old also makes a splendid additive to other drinks like coke or ginger ale.

Bardinet is named after Paul Bardinet who took un-aged distilled sugar cane spirit called “fire water” at the time and aged it in oak casks in 1857.

Brandy is traditionally made from grapes but sometimes other fruit are also used. The word Brandy comes from brandywine which is a form of the Dutch “brandewijn” which translates to “burnt wine”. For the production of Brandy, wine is heated until individual ingredients are dissolved at different temperatures. More volatile ingredients are dissolved at lower temperatures in order to separate the light from the heavy components. After completion of this procedure the result is wine brandy.

Just as wine and whiskey, Brandy is usually stored in oak barrels. In this phase the complexity and the hue of the spirit is developed.  The development of Brandy can be partly due to the excessive customs and excise taxes. Back in the day taxes were paid by volume. Wine was distilled down to as little as possible which meant merchants paid less taxes as volumes were less and it was also easier to transport the concentrated product and once reaching its destination could be expanded with water.

Bardinet XO French Brandy 6 year old comes straight from the heart of the French wine regions. Since 1857 the distillery has acquired the savoir-faire of Brandy production. The production will only find the finest eaux-de-vie to use. Bardinet XO French Brandy 6 year old is distilled with much care and is then stored in oak barrels for aging.

In addition to the well-balanced 6 year old Bardinet XO French Brandy there is also the VSOP Bardinet French Brandy. Bardinet XO French Brandy 6 year old has already won several awards. In 2014 the Brandy won the silver medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition. That same year the Brandy was awarded the bronze medal at the International Spirits Challenge.


  • 2014 - Silver medal, International Wine & Spirits Competition
  • 2014 - Bronze medal, International Spirits Challenge

Bardinet XO French Brandy 6 Years Old 0,7 l

  • Colouring: yes
  • XO Brandy

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290 Blanquefort

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