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Vikingfjord Vodka from Norway 37.5% 0,7 l

Russian Standard Imperia Vodka 1 Liter 40%

Russian Standard Imperia Vodka 40.0% 1,0 l

Crystal Head Vodka 40,0% 1,0 l

Crystal Head Vodka 40,0% 1,0 l

More Information
Manufacturer VIKINGFJORD
Country NORWAY
Alcoholic strength 37,5% vol.

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Price per Litre: €14.89/Litre
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Vikingfjord Vodka from Norway convinces with its crystal clear color and silky smooth shades


  • Feinster Vodka aus Norwegen
  • fünffach destilliert 
  • pur aber auch in Cocktails und Longdrinks ein wahrer Genuss 
  • Preisträger mehrerer, namenhafter Awards 

The Vikingfjord Vodka from Norway was launched in 1985 and proves that Russia, Poland and Sweden are not the only nations that have understood the craft of the vodka-burning.

This extraordinary premium fermented potato based Vikingfjord vodka is quintuple distilled and impresses with its incredibly silky smooth facets. Potato spirit generally produces impurities during fermentation, hence the quintuple distillation. It’s very exquisite distillate is refined after the burning process with crystal clear, incorruptible pure water from the over five thousand year old Jostedal glacier in the south-western Norway and thus helps to achieve absolute perfection. Glacier water purifies itself by running through mountain rock.

The nose of this medium-bodied vodka in mostly neutral and mild but shows some hints of castor sugar, dried fruit and pepper. The tasting is also mostly neutral but also shows a bit of sweet earthiness and a touch of bitterness at the end, adding some character to the spirit.

No wonder that this exceptional Norwegian Vikingfjord vodka has won several, well-known awards for itself. 

The International Wine & Spirits Competition crowned the outstanding Norwegian Vikingfjord vodka with a gold medal in the year 2005, along with the "Best in Class" award. This award was followed by the Spirits of the World Award where the Vikingfjord vodka again garnered the gold medal in 2006. It sounds almost implausible, however, this refined vodka also won the gold medal in 2007 at the International Wine & Spirits Competition once again.

These and innumerable other awards show they it is not surprising that this vodka in particular is a true pure delight.

The Vikingfjord vodka is also suitable for the creation of trendy cocktails and long drinks. We recommend, for example, the vodka gimlet. 

Take three parts Vikingfjord vodka from Norway, some lime juice and a whole handful of crushed ice. Mix this composition in a shaker and strain into a highball glass. This vodka-based long drink is not only delicious, but on top of that is very easy to make in a short space of time. 

The packaging of the very affordable Vikingfjord vodka is modern and sleek. A perfect addition to a modern bar and a must have in a vodka collection.

Small Tip: Particularly ideal for spontaneous stopping by of friends and relatives, this cocktail is the right choice!

Conclusion of the Vikingfjord vodka from Norway:

In conclusion, this Vikingfjord Vodka from Norway can be described as a crystal clear, silky-smooth spirit of the extra class.

The five-time distillation helps this Vikingfjord vodka from Norway to its unbeatable softness. It is perfectly suited for the pure enjoyment or even as an alcoholic base for trendy cocktails and long drinks.

More Information
Product type Vodka
Item Number 32043
EAN 7048352054046
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country NORWAY
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring No

Arcus-Gruppen AS Po-box 64 1483 Hagen Norwegen

Condition New
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