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Takamaka Bay St André 8 Year Old Dark Rum 0,7 l

Myers's Original Dark Jamaica Rum 0,7 l

Myers's Original Dark Jamaica Rum 0,7 l

Ron Barcelo Blanco 0,7 l

Ron Barcelo Blanco 0,7 l

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Manufacturer TAKAMAKA BAY
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Takamaka Bay Spiced Rum embodies the tropical and exotic taste of the Seychelles with rich sweet vanilla and smooth warm caramel

Soft sweetness and warm caramel aromas open up the adventure of the dark golden Takamaka Bay Spiced Dark Rum. The palate is pleasantly dominated by these two refreshing partners in taste. This flavored Spiced Rum is joined by a touch of butter Bourbon, spices and regional energy drink. The impressions of the easy-drinking Takamaka Bay Spiced Rum is easily maintained in their complex and compelling presentation. In the delicious finish the sweet flavors especially caress the throat gently and are charmingly warm and long lasting.

This beauty has its home in the Seychelles, a paradise island in the Indian Ocean about 1,000 kilometers off the west coast of Africa. The popular holiday destination of 150 islands is also called "Paradise Iceland". Organic sugar cane has been grown for centuries in small-scale in the Seychelles and there Trois Frères distillery in Takamaka Bay is used by the residents for local Rum production.

The distillery was founded as the Trois Frères distillery in 2002 by two brothers Bernard and Richard d'Offray. Although the age of the distillery and the products appear relatively young don’t let the year specification fool you. The d'Offray brother’s burn according to an old manual of their grandfather, who in his time developed breathtaking spirits with his family recipe.

The operator of a suitcase factory in Fürth Germany discovered the versatile Takamaka products on a Seychelles holiday and took some home and received surprisingly good feedback for the spirits. Since then the hands-on and socially conscious brothers have managed to make a name and impact with their products in the international Rum market.

For the production of the distinctive triple-distilled Rum the distillery uses the hand grown and harvested exquisite sugar cane which has flourished in the Seychelles. Green sugar cane juice is used for the fermentation process rather than molasses as many other distilleries use to produce industrial Rum. The small family run boutique distillery prides itself with its understanding of attention to detail and achieves this well and avoids the usual industrial mass production.

The premium quality Takamaka Bay Spiced Rum is a blend of Pot Still and Column Still distillates which are blended together after two years of storage in new charred American oak barrels. Pure high quality mineral water from the regional mountains also contributes to the overall awesome quality of the Rum. Thus the Takamaka Bay Spiced Rum offers a distinctive full-bodied, deep and exotic taste.

The award-winning Takamaka Bay Spiced Rum behaves extremely tastefully in favorite long drinks and cocktails such as Mai Tai or Zombie. A pure noble enjoyment or on the rocks is recommended especially for connoisseurs.


  • 2012 - Silver Medal category "Flavored Rum - Spiced" International Wine & Spirit Competition London
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Manufacturer/Importer Haromex Development GmbH Am Weihersfeld 45 41379 Brüggen Deutschland Trois Freres Distilleries La Plaine St. André Mahé Seychelles
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