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Skin Gin Edition Blanc Dry Gin 0,5 l

Skin Gin Reptile Brown Dry Gin 0,5 l

Skin Gin Reptile Brown Dry Gin 0,5 l

Akori Gin 42% 0,7 l

Akori Gin 42% 0,7 l

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Manufacturer SKIN
Alcoholic strength 42% vol.

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Skin Gin Edition Blanc convinces with its traditional manufacturing both in flavor and visually. A perfect dry Gin with a ginormous character


The mellow and fresh Skin Gin Edition Blanc not only impresses with its stylish exterior but also with its appealing aroma of Moroccan mint, fresh distillate of  spicy Juniper berry, as well as various succulent fruit which quickly reach the nose when opening the unique bottle originating from the North of Germany.

The crystal-clear Skin Gin Edition Blanc is a real dry Gin which owes its flavors from the use of Southeast-Asian coriander paired with bowls of various juicy citrus fruit. 

Limes, grapefruit, oranges and lemons mix harmoniously in the mouth and reflect the perfect freshness together with an oriental spice in the finish. The trendy Skin Gin Edition Blanc easily proves its outstanding and strong character. 

The traditional old distillery is located on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Hamburg in Germany. The makers have fiddled, tried, developed and refined again and again until they had finally identified the right balance of Botanicals for the Skin Gin Edition Blanc.

The Danish entrepreneur Martin Jensen as well as Hamburger designer Mathias Rüsch have brought this premium Skin Gin Edition Blanc to life. A huge flood of new Gin creations have found its way onto the market and the Skin Gin Edition Blanc stands out and is characterized by its unique quality. 

Within the traditional distillation in an Anisateur, fine Botanicals with wheat–based alcohol and spring water is heated. Here the spirit gains its essential essences which are blended by hand and are then bottled in the smooth, white designer bottles that look like a flask. 

Each hand-picked botanical is distilled separately which ensures 100% quality from each botanical. The process takes seven times longer compared to other Gins. 

Every bottle is hot stamped with a copper foil and is wrapped by hand. This shows that the collaboration of designers and entrepreneurs in the production of alcohol makes sense. The superb quality of the Skin Gin Edition Blanc can be seen and tasted.

Edition Blanc Gin from the House of Skin offers true pleasure as well as the opportunity for friends and connoisseurs of a good Gin to enjoy a hand-crafted luxury Gin. The bottle is a must have in a Gin collection.

Whether pure with ice cubes, coupled with a good tonic water or as a basis for trendy cocktails the Skin Gin Edition Blanc provides a Gin in optimal condition for stylish enjoyment. 

Take a tonic water, a green sprig of rosemary, some zest of orange and of course Skin Gin Edition Blanc and combine these ingredients with ice cubes. This is the ideal appetizer for spontaneous friends stopping by. 

A Gin that goes under the skin and fulfills the spirit.

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Product type Gin
Item Number 31043
EAN 4280001116054
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Volume 0.5 Litre
Colouring No

Skin Gin GmbH Alter Marktplatz 8 D-21720 Steinkirchen Germany

Condition New