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Sierra Tequila Silver from Mexico 1,0 l 38%

Sierra Tequila Gold Reposado aus Mexiko 1 Liter 38%

Sierra Tequila Reposado Mexican Gold 1 Litre 38%

Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado Tequila 38% 1,0l

Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado Tequila 38% 1,0l

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Manufacturer SIERRA
Country MEXICO
Alcoholic strength 38% vol.

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Price per Litre: €17.89/Litre
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Sierra Tequila Silver from Mexico boasts with fruity facets of crisp apples, Agave, and fresh pineapple, as well as a slight sharpness

This silver Tequila is the shot of choice at every trendy club and is the absolute basic tool of every bartender. Whether pure with salt and lemon or cinnamon and orange, this Sierra Tequila Silver from Mexico is the perfect companion to any celebration and fun times. The bar scene on top of that appreciates the spirit for its crystal clear properties that qualifies it for the addition to exquisite cocktails and refreshing long drinks. 

Sierra Tequila silver from Mexico is a clear and relaxed premium tequila. The full fresh aroma shows off with fruity facets of crisp green apples and fresh pineapples, as well as of course scores of Tequilana Weber Azul Agave.

Slightly sharp notes of black pepper and red chili peppers join. These characteristics convey not only the character of the Sierra Tequila, but help it to shine and its incorruptible recognition value.

Visually the bottle looks very stylish with Mexican facets. The Sierra silver tequila is packed into a transparent, edgy glass bottle which prepares for tasting pleasure. This bottle adorns a red label with the inscription: Mexico, Sierra Tequila silver, Hecho en Mexico, handcrafted from Agave Azul. The bottle is completed and perfected by the distinctive red Sombrero hat, which acts as a cylinder head and can also often be converted as a short-shot.

The brand Sierra Tequila belongs to the Germany based producer, bottler and spirit importer Borco-Marken-Import Matthiesen GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg. Sierra Tequila Silver is prepared by the strict requirements of the Mexican Government in Guadalajara, Mexico at the distillery Sierra Unidas de C. V . The distillery uses blue agave grown in natural highland fields as the base for the Tequila which has been carefully checked by hand for quality and are matured between eight and twelve years. This fine Sierra Tequila from Mexico was launched to the market in 1981 and is available in over 90 countries. The silver tequila is classified as a Blanco, meaning it is a white unaged spirit.

The Sierra Tequila silver from Mexico has won several international awards like in 2014 and 2013 Silver medal at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Conclusion of the Sierra Tequila silver from Mexico:

In conclusion, this rested Sierra Tequila Silver from Mexico can be described as a clear, laidback and real Mexican Tequila, which scores with fruity as well as with sharp features. Its stylish and amusing look completely round off its character. 

One should have the Tequila Sierra at hand any time and in particular if in the mood for celebration.

More Information
Product type Tequila
Item Number 38008
EAN 4062400542074
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country MEXICO
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring No
Manufacturer/Importer Borco-Marken-Import Schwenkenstr. 47 22525 Hamburg Deutschland
Condition New