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Plantation Rum Barbados 5 Years Grand Cru 0,7 l

Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Reserve 0,7 l

Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Reserve 0,7 l

Plantation Rum Jamaica 2001 Old Reserve 0,7 l

Plantation Rum Jamaica 2001 Old Reserve 0,7 l

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Manufacturer PLANTATION
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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The smooth and aromatic Plantation Rum Barbados Grand Cru five year old is unbelievably special due to its superb tastes of fruity and exotic-sweet freshness.

Both the aroma and taste thrills with fresh fruit and an elegant sweetness. Here tasty vanilla and creamy honey appear. The gentle side of the Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Cru 5 year old is accompanied by dried fruit, ripe bananas and creamy toffee which rests on an exotic veil of toasted coconut.

To get the perfect taste experience, pure and chilled Rum or "on the rocks" is the best way to be enjoy the Plantation Rum Barbados Grande Cru 5 year old.

Mixed drinks and tropical cocktails also gives the double-aged Plantation Rum a very intense and special touch. The remarkable Plantation Rum Barbados Grand Cru 5 year old is also the ideal accompaniment to a good cigar and is a must have in any good bar and restaurant.

The award winning Plantation Grand Cru Rum 5 year old is manufactured by Cognac Ferrand and is resident in Barbados in the Caribbean. Cognac Ferrand produces a number of fine spirits as well as the highly recommended Plantation Rum range. The main offices and production premises are based in Ars, France and distributes their wares to over 40 countries.

Locally grown sugar cane is the basis for the premium Rum of the company. The warm Caribbean climate gives this area an extensive cultivation of high yield sugar cane, which is important for both sugar production as well as for Rum production.

Molasses or sugar cane juice is further fermented after harvesting and is then ready for the distillation process. Molasses is the dark brown, stick and thick by product of sugar production where the sugar cane juice is boiled and re-boiled until sugar crystals are produced.

The Plantation Rum Barbados Grand Cru 5 year old is a blend of various old Bajan Barbados Rums produced in a column-still and pot still plants. Following the distillation process the various distillates are stored for maturation in American oak barrels in which bourbon, sherry or whiskey were stored for five years.

The reason for the rapid maturation is the consistently relatively warm climate in the Caribbean whereby the evaporation in the barrels is quite fast.

After five years of maturation of the Rum is shipped to France to undergo several months’ maturity stage in old French oak casks at Chateau de Bonbonnet. During the time in the barrels the Plantation Rum Barbados Grand Cru forms its five year character and its excellent taste and is guaranteed to impressed Rum lovers.

Not without reason the Plantation Rums are often called "Pearl of the Caribbean".


  • Gold medal “Best in Class” at the 2010 Rum XP International Tasting Competition at the Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.

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Volume 0.7 Litre
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Manufacturer/Importer Cognac Ferrand Château de Bonbonnet 24 Chemin Prés 16130 Ars France
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