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Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold 40% 1 l

Olmeca Blanco Tequila Classico 1 l

Olmeca Blanco Classico Tequila 38% 1 l

Sierra Tequila Gold Reposado aus Mexiko 1 Liter 38%

Sierra Tequila Reposado Mexican Gold 1 Litre 38%

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Manufacturer OLMECA
Country MEXICO
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold boasts its particular complexity and flavor of the blue Agave plant
In the Mexican Highlands more accurately referred to in Jalisko in the Los Altos region the ground is especially fertile ground due to the local climate and mineral rich soil. 

The hot temperatures as well as the clear air and the fresh winds provide excellent conditions for the cultivation of the blue Agave plant. No wonder one of the best Tequilas in the world finds its origin here.  

The Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold is presented in an embossed design square based rectangular bottle. The label is interesting, depicting artifacts dating back to the Olmec civilization that were present in Mexico from about 1500 BC to about 400BC. The embossing on the label is also representative of the Olmec artwork and also makes the bottle easier to grip.

The aroma of this first-class Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold is defined by fruity and sweet facets which are dominated by zesty citrus. A gentle, slightly smoky and wooden sound also resonates but this in no way bothers the beautiful freshness of this award-winning Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold.

On arriving in the mouth its full intensity unfolds. The citrus fruit are coated with a creamy honey which is in competition with soft vanilla sounds. Some slightly spicy black pepper provides the special oomph. 

The finish of the pale gold colored Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold is soft and easily creates thoughts on the beauty of Mexico.

The production of this special Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold is still using traditional methods. The so-called Pina, the agave heart of the blue Agave plant is cooked over 3 days before it can be squeezed out and chopped. The syrup thus obtained is then fermented for 36 hours with the aid of yeast and a traditional copper pot still is used for small batch distillation.  The spirit will remain in white American oak barrels that previously matured bourbon for six to eight months.

The double distillation assures that all external odors have been eliminated and nothing more is in the way of the pure taste of the Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold. The Tequila can be consumed neat and also makes an ideal addition to a fruity cocktail.

The Reposado gold has won international awards like a silver medal in 2007 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a bronze medal in 2008 at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Conclusion of the Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold:

In summary the high-quality mixto Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold offers a true Mexican delight. The Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold is defined by the intense flavor of the blue Agave plant. In addition, citrus fruit and honey, some black pepper and lightly wooden sounds resonate which convey its quite outstanding flavor.

Olmeca Tequila Reposado gold, a Tequila from the Highlands of Mexico.
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Product type Tequila
Item Number 38006
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Country MEXICO
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes
Manufacturer/Importer Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH Habsburgerring 2 50674 Köln
Condition New