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Mandarine Napoleon Cognac Liqueur 0,7 l

Luxardo Sambuca Spiced Apple 0,7 l

Luxardo Sambuca Spiced Apple 0,7 l

Fireball Zimt Whisky Likör 0,5 l

Fireball Cinnamon Whisky Liqueur 0,5 l

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Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 38% vol.

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Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liqueur, is a warm, fruity, and spicy Cognac liqueur that enchants the senses leaving you reaching for more

The award-winning Mandarine Napoleon Cognac Liquor proves that first-class spirits do not necessarily have to cost a fortune. 

The Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liquor has a warm, red brown color which is also reflected in the nose. Its fresh, fruity aroma is reminiscent of perfectly ripened juicy tangerines, refined by warm and woody nuances of exotic spices like cloves, cinnamon and liquorice. 

In the taste of the Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liquor its heat continues and fully complies in the mouth with fruity mandarins. Spicy herbs round off the flavor sensation and gives the Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liqueur some pep. 

The silky and syrupy finish simply glides down the throat. 

The exceptional taste experience of the popular Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liquor gives endless pleasure and can be found in over 137 countries. 

The tinted retro looking bottle is textured and should be available in all respectable bars. 

The Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liquor is loaded with history and makes an ideal addition to a serious Cognac collection. This outstanding Cognac liqueur from France is produced exclusively from natural raw material with no artificial additives. The tangerine peel and strictly selected herbs are distilled before a subsequent three-year maturing period in oak barrels. The imported mandarins are grown in the best orchards in Sicily, Andalusia and Corsica. 

The sought-after Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liquor receives its perfection by the addition of fine 10-year old Cognac, an elaborate production which pays off both in flavor and visually. Napoleon Bonaparte’s physician Antoine-Francois de Fourcroy initially macerated mandarins in alcohol before blending the distillate with Cognac.

This beverage became a favorite drink for Bonaparte and the doctor. In the 19th century a liqueur was made by Louis Schmidt a Belgian chemist based on the recipe discovered in the physician’s diary.  

In summary, the Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liquor has conquered the liqueur market and is a harmony of fine Cognac, refined with the juicy freshness of mandarin oranges. A liqueur ideally savored at room temperature.   Cocktail lovers are not excluded from this enjoyment. The sweet Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liquor quickly refines their creations with this liqueur. In trendy bars and Cafés the Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liquor is added to a Red Kiss cocktail. 

Definitely a kiss which deserves its name:

  • 4 cl of Mandarine Napoleon Cognac liqueur
  • 8 cl fresh pineapple juice 
  • 8 cl fresh raspberry juice
  • 1 cl caramel syrup

Under strong shaking and the addition of crushed ice, you get a delicious cocktail which refreshes the senses and ensures cozy evenings with friends.

Tip: Garnish the cocktail with whole raspberries and mint. This not only looks good visually but also makes the drink very appealing!

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Product type Liqueur
Item Number 35012
EAN 8710625700026
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country FRANCE
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring Yes

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