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Lordson Dry Gin Bag in Box 3 Litre 37.5%

Monsons Dry Gin aus Frankreich 37,5 % 0,7 l

Monson's Dry Gin 0.7 Litre 37.5%

Opihr Oriental spiced London Dry Gin 40.0% 0,7 l

Opihr Oriental Spiced London Dry Gin 40% 1,0l

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Manufacturer LORDSON
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 37,5% vol.

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Price per Litre: €10.33/Litre
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The easy to drink Lordson Gin is an aromatic and traditional French Gin brand, which serves an intense juniper berry and zesty citrus flavor to the palate

In nosing the colorless Lordson Gin it easily convinces with a balanced combination of fine juniper berry notes and zesty citrus flavors that affects the sense of smell positively. The well-balanced taste also lets the aromas of juniper berry and citrus develop on the tongue. These are accompanied by a slightly spicy herbal aroma and a hint of liquorice. The finish of the Lordson Gin is very long lasting and develops a fine liquorice aroma that refreshes the palate and leaves you wanting more of the delicious flavour.

When you think about the countries of origin of Gin one immediately associates England as the Gin land. When you think of France you would also generally think of fabulous wines and Cognacs, however the Lordson Gin is good evidence that high-quality Gins also come from France. Lordson Gin comes from the famous Bordeaux region. Gin is a generally clear white light-bodied grain spirit with a typically intense blue-green juniper berry taste. The name "Gin" is derived from the Dutch "Gin" for juniper. Gin is made by distilling neutral grain spirit with botanicals. Botanicals are extracts from plants that give each Gin its unique and differentiating taste and Gin producers generally keep the specific botanicals used a trade secret. Lordson Gin is a traditional dry Gin and the dominant botanical is the juniper berry. Dry Gin may have no sweetening substances added. Dry Gin has botanicals added in every stage of production. Flavouring and coloring agents are allowed, however a sugar addition is prohibited.

The popular Lordson Gin is packaged in a convenient, space-saving and lightweight 3 liter cardboard box with an integrated tap, which easily transported and is ideal for any camping trip, festival or party. The Gin in the box makes an awesome and affordable party gift too. Another advantage of the packaging is the cardboard of the box, as it can be taken to places where glass bottles are prohibited. The box is decorated by a silver design and a yellow sash with red trim and a juniper branch can be seen on the Lordson wording. The fact that the Gin is packaged in a box also keeps the Gin fresher for longer as it is stored in the dark without air having access to the Gin.

The taste of the easy-going Lordson Gin is ideally suited for mixing traditional Gin based long drinks such as a Gin and tonic or a Gin fizz. To mix a Gin and tonic we recommend using a Goldberg Tonic Water or Schweppes Indian Tonic Water because they give the Lordson Gin a certain something and finish it off with a slice of lemon or a wedge of lime.

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Product type Gin
Item Number 31061
EAN 3500610035500
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country FRANCE
Volume 3 Litre
Colouring No

GCF, F-67290 Petersbach Frankreich

Condition New