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Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum 40.0% 0.7 l

Blackwell Fine Jamaican Rum 40,0 % 0,7 l

Blackwell fine Jamaican Rum 40.0% 0.7 l

Bacardi Mango 1 Litre 32%

Bacardi Mango 1 Litre 32%

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Manufacturer LEGENDARIO
Country CUBA
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum from the Caribbean island of Cuba represents fresh fruit refined by creamy caramel
In addition to premium cigars and whisky, the Caribbean island has also brought this special Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum to the fore. 

The Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum embodies the unique taste of Cuban society. Typically strong with intense notes of fruit, it conveys a feeling of summer, sun and endless beaches. 

Legendario Rum was first produced in 1946 in Havana Bocoy. Until today the distillery still uses traditional methods of double bottom tank filtration with silica sand and activated carbon. Maturation takes place in American oak barrels using the solera system. 

The juicy fruit flavors are outwardly defined by citrus fruit as well as a full-bodied caramel note, which gives its unique recognition to the Legendario. Facets of vanilla beans can be notes and these make the Blanco Rum particularly soft. 

The finish of the Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum is medium-length, which also reflects the flavors of caramel, vanilla and some swinging tones of roasted nuts. The Añejo Blanco has spent a short time in oak casks before careful filtration to remove all the color. 

The Cuban cigars have helped the island to achieve worldwide reputation and every year tons of cigars are exported abroad. The Rum production however is the second pillar on which the Cuban economy rests.

The production of premium Rum has always been practiced with utmost passion and serenity in Cuba and celebrated, as shown by this Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum

In Cuba the clocks seem to tick slower, people are satisfied, the nights are never-ending and climate offers the perfect conditions for the cultivation of sugar cane, which serves as a basic ingredient for Rum production. 

When walking in the city of Havana, feelings of happiness and desire will overcome you. Treat yourself to a Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum and get the feeling of the beautiful experience, directly at your home in the living room.

Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum is the perfect addition to a Caribbean Cocktail or for a mixed drink. Try a Collins Rum where you add 5cl. Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum, 2 tablespoons of sugar, juice from half a lemon, and ice cubes into a shaker. Shake and then pour over crushed ice. Add soda water and decorate with a slice of lemon and a straw. Enjoy.

Conclusion of the Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum:

Do you want a traditional Cuban Rum which mediates both fruity and slightly sweet facets, as well as a feeling of holiday? 

If the answer is yes, then pick up a bottle of Legendario Añejo Blanco Rum! Its intense fruity notes, paired with caramel and vanilla feel particularly soft and transport you back, at least mentally, to the most beautiful island in the Caribbean!

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Country CUBA
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Empresa de Bebidas Y Refrescos Santa Catalina No. 930 Cerro Chudad de la Habana Cuba

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