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Koko Kanu Coconut Rum 0,7 l

El Ron Prohibido Habanero 12 Jahre Solera Rum 0,7 l

El Ron Prohibido Habanero 12 year Solera Rum 0,7 l

Saint James Rum Reserve 0,7 l

Saint James Rum Reserve 0,7 l

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Manufacturer KOKO KANU
Alcoholic strength 37,5% vol.

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Koko Kanu Rum liqueur impresses with its tropical, Caribbean flair, supported by the taste of ripe coconuts

The island of Jamaica which was made world famous by the singer Bob Marley is no longer only famous for reggae music but now is also known for fabulous flavored coconut Rum liqueur.

Some fine beverages come from the tropical Caribbean island and the delicious Koko Kanu Rum liqueur is one of them and is named in honor of the proud Jamaican Arawak Indians. This peaceful tribe contributed some important vocabulary to the vocabulary of the Islanders. This paid tribute by recording the root name canoe on the bottle labels of this renowned Jamaican Rum liqueur.

The flavored Rum liqueur Koko Kanu from Kingston is as powerful as its name thanks to the addition of tropical coconut to fine high-quality Jamaican Rum. Thanks to its perfect sweetness, the coconut is ideal to produce a fresh, fruity and naturally tropical Rum. 

The smooth Koko Kanu is molasses based. Strictly speaking, molasses is nothing but a sugar syrup. Its consistency is honey-like and the color is dark brown. Molasses is produced from sugar cane or beet sugar production and has a sugar content of approximately 60%. 

It is a by-product or waste product in the refining process of the sugar and beet. Distillation of the sought-after Koko Kanu Rum liqueur takes place in a pot and column still. Jamaica has the optimal climatic conditions in the Caribbean. Due to the tropical climate, it matures much faster than in many other countries.

Both the delightful aroma and the striking taste of this nearly colorless crisp and clean Jamaican Rum offers the wonderful benefit from both mature coconuts and savory notes of molasses. The attractive sweet note and the rounding of the taste by tropical fruit make for a long silky smooth finish. 

The medium-bodied Koko Kanu Rum liqueur is perfect for mixing of exciting cocktails, favorite long drinks, or to garnish a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The white coconut Rum is also delicious pure at room temperature and on the rocks. It is therefore an integral part of many trendy bars and Cafés, and is often used as an alcoholic base for relaxed pleasure when the sun shines. The attractive bottle also makes an appreciated gift and a perfect acquisition for a serious Rum collection.

In combination with passion fruit, mango or pineapple juice on ice the Koko Kanu Rum liqueur is a fast, excellent aperitif for spontaneous stopping by friends. 

The Koko Kanu Rum liqueur in summary is a liqueur, which on the one hand satisfies fans of strong coconut taste, and on the other hand serves as a perfect complement to many cocktails. 

Due to its superb quality the Koko Kanu Rum liqueur won a bronze medal in 2002 at the international wine and spirit competition.


  • 2002 international wine and spirit competition: bronze medal
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