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Knut Hansen Dry Gin mit Becher 42% 0,5l

Connemara Peated Irish Single Malt Whiskey incl. glass 40% 0,7l

Connemara Peated Irish Single Malt Whiskey incl. glass 40% 0,7l

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Manufacturer KNUT HANSEN
Alcoholic strength 42% vol.

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The northern German Knut Hansen Dry Gin combines cool looks with harmonious aromas of fruit, cucumber and basil

Details: Kunt Hansen Dry Gin

  • Northern German Gin
  • 14 Botanicals

The Knut Hansen Dry Gin can undoubtedly be described as a true North German example: Two guys from Hamburg are behind the product, it is distilled near the Flensburg Fjord and only regional ingredients from North Germany are used. For the 14 selected botanicals of the Knut Hansen Dry Gin, great importance is attached to local origin. The cucumbers and basil are grown in the family greenhouse, the apples come from the Altes Land and the juniper, the basic ingredient for a real gin, from the Lüneburg Heath.

The Knut Hansen Dry Gin flatters the nose with the aromatic scent of juniper and fresh basil. These are slowly complemented by notes of cucumber and herbs. In terms of taste, it is not as robust as the external presentation might suggest. The Knut Hansen Dry Gin gradually convinces with a balanced combination of fruit, cucumber and basil, completed with a peppery, spicy component. The light, harmonious finish is rounded off by a hint of apple.

The cool presentation of the stoneware bottle already draws everyone's attention: the bright blue eyes of seafarer Knut Hansen stare at you. An anchor tattoo, beard and distinctive male contours adorn the face of the expressive man. The namesake of the brand, Knut Hansen, is also the face of the house gin. The native of Hamburg is said to have traveled the seven world markets. For the founders, the sailor Knut Hansen embodies the spirit of their gin: It's about freedom, undiscovered places and countless adventures!

Knut Hansen Dry Gin is made near the northernmost city of Germany on a 200l copper still. In a complex process, the gin is distilled four times with a slow energy supply and in small batches. This is how the Hamburg company manages to preserve the Knut Hansen taste and protect the natural aromas in the gin. Finally, the Nordic gin is numbered and bottled by hand. The Knut Hansen Dry Gin is only produced in a micro batch and therefore in smaller quantities than gin from the small batch.

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Product type Gin
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