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Kahlua coffee liqueur 20% 1,0 l

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Country MEXICO
Alcoholic strength 20% vol.

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Kahlua coffee liqueur inspires "on the rocks" as well as in a hot coffee

The strongest flavor that slides across the room after opening the bottle is brewed from fresh coffee. Likewise sweet vanilla mixed among the fragrance combines perfectly with a hint of rum flavor. The rum and vanilla envelop the dominant coffee flavor and thus balance the fragrance blend with harmony.

On the palate the Kahlua coffee liqueur behaves remarkably alive. The fragrance flavors are also rediscovered in the sensational taste. Delicious flavors of freshly roasted and brewed coffee are revealed that blend in with the sweet vanilla and invigorating rum flavoring. The taste of the legendary Kahlua coffee liqueur is uncontrollable because it is intense and exotic but harmonious and relaxing in flavour. The Kahlua coffee liqueur is like many other coffee liqueurs especially popular with women and therefore is also an exceptional gift as well.

The birth of Kahlua coffee liqueur dates back 50 years and originates in Veracruz in Mexico. The Alvarez brothers, Montalvo Lara and Senior Blanco are the brain children behind the popular product. Since then the recipe and the traditional production process are kept strictly confidential and sales consistently prove that customers love the crafted Kahlua coffee liqueur as a beverage. Within four years of the first production, the beverage was already popular in the USA.

As basis for the production of the Kahlua coffee liqueur, Arabica coffee beans that grow in the highlands of Mexico are used. In addition sugar cane distillates, rum and vanilla are used. The production of Kahlua coffee liqueur can take up to 7 years as the superior coffee beans are grown in the shade and this takes longer in the shade than in the sunshine. The berries are then dried and rested for six months before the distillation process takes place. This is another four week process and only then is the magical rich dark brown liquid ready to be bottled. 

With the 20 vol.% the applauded Kahlua coffee liqueur is a light liqueur especially popular with woman at their beloved coffee parties. Those who want to taste the liqueur pure should try it with ice cubes. The Kahlua coffee liqueur is also perfect in cocktails, especially a White Russian, B-52, Mudslide, Spanish Coffee, in an ice-cream dish, and delicious chocolate balls. If that is too cold you should not be afraid to mix the liqueur with hot coffee - the perfect fit.


Kahlua coffee liqueur has received numerous awards from International Spirit Ratings Organizations, namely: Three silver medals between 2005 and 2007 from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a bronze medal in 2009 from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and an above average score of 85 from the Beverage Testing Institute in 2007.

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Country MEXICO
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes
Manufacturer/Importer Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH Habsburgerring 2 50674 Köln
Condition New
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