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Jodhpur Premium Gin 0,7 l

Jinzu Gin 0,7 l

Jinzu Gin 0,7 l

Jodhpur Reserve Gin 0,5 l

Jodhpur Reserve Gin 0,5 l

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Manufacturer JODHPUR
Country SPAIN
Alcoholic strength 43% vol.

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Price per Litre: €28.41/Litre
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The English Jodhpur Gin is a classic strong and light peppery Gin, ideal for both the connoisseurs and enthusiastic beginners

The inviting Jodhpur Gin thoroughly spoils the nose with fresh herbs and a touch of tangy citrus and convinces the palate with an amazing  sweetish flavour, which clearly emerges from the well rounded aromas of gentle juniper berry, ground coriander  and zesty citrus. In the comforting warm finish, the sweet flavour of the Jodhpur Gin transforms into a pleasant long-lasting balsamic spice and awakens the desire to drink some more.

The classic Jodhpur Gin is distilled following the traditional London Dry Gin method using selected grain alchol and is produced by Beveland Distillers based in England. Beveland Distillery products are all vegan friendly. There, the Jodhpur Gin is fired with more than 100-year-old internal experience under the highest quality standards. The Botanicals of Jodhpur Gin are handpicked and are tested under the most accurate assessment for  their quality. The Botanicals of Jodhpur Gin include angelica – adds a musty aroma, coriander seed – adds complex earthy notes, cassia – adds a rich spicy floral flavour, spicy juniper berries, ginger root – adds a sweet and spicy flavour, orris root – adds earthy and nutty textures, bitter almond, liquorice, lemon, orange and grapefruit peel – adds a sweet and citrus flavour. The grapefruit and the juniper berry make a perfect taste combination. By careful hand selection of the Botanicals every single Botanical harmonizes in a perfect way with the other Botanicals. This develops the Jodhpur Gins very unique taste experience that sets it apart from conventional London dry Gins. This care and meticulous work paid off for the English Jodhpur distillery particularly well in 2011 when  the Jodhpur Gin won the gold medal at the World Spirit Awards in San Francisco competing against a huge number of established and well known brands and distilleries.

The bottle design of the smooth and easy to drink Jodhpur Gin compared to other London dry Gins is neither simple nor easy. The glass bottle in a neoclassical design impresses with a variety of shades of blue and pretty ornaments. The flashy but elegant design of Jodhpur Gin is optically a real eye-catcher and  immediately differs from other Gins on the shelf.

The crystal-clear high-quality Jodhpur Gin  can be enjoy neat, on the rocks or as a Gin and tonic. For lovers of a classic Gin and tonic  it is advisable to mix a Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water or Fentimans Tonic Water for ultimate taste satisfaction. The delicious Jodhpur Gin can also be enjoyed in your favourite cocktail, a Tom Collins or in a good old fashioned Martini.

2011: Won the gold medal at the World Spirit Awards in San Francisco and also won the silver medal in IWSC for Best in Class.

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Product type Gin
Item Number 31008
EAN 8414771863719
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country SPAIN
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring No

Beveland Distillers Calle Mas El Pladevall, 13 17857 Beguda Girona Spanien

Condition New