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Heaven Hill Bourbon Whiskey 1 l

Glen Scotia Victoriana Single Malt Campbeltown 51,5% 0,7 Liter

Glen Scotia single malt Whisky Victoriana 51.5% 0.7 l

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Country USA
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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The Heaven Hill Old Style is a straight bourbon whiskey from Kentucky but seems to be sent from heaven

The Heaven Hill Old Style Bourbon Whiskey is produced at the Heaven Hill Bernheim distillery in Louisville, Kentucky. The manufacturer of this dram is the second-largest holder of bourbon whiskey in the world and still owned by the founder’s family.

This Kentucky straight bourbon has a full aroma of vanilla, caramel, maize, green apple, nutmeg and a little spiciness. On the palate the spirit shows vanilla and apple notes, sweet caramel, an oaky spiciness, traces of cinnamon, nutmeg and even nuances of bananas. During the finish the sweet fruitiness is fading out.

The Heaven Hill Old Style matured at least for four years in new charred oak casks. They are made of American white oak. Charring the casks before use is an important step, which has a direct influence on the character of the bourbon. By coaling the barrels the wood sugar is caramelised and the structure of the wood is opened. Thus, the exchange between cask and spirit is more intense. Typically, those casks create a sweet vanilla flavour and a mild character.

What makes a bourbon a Kentucky straight bourbon? Of course it has to conform to the requirements stated by law, which specify the standard of a bourbon whiskey. But additionally it has to be distilled and aged for at least one year in the state Kentucky. The whole maturation period cannot be less than two years and if it is under four years it has to be stated on the bottle. Furthermore, it is not allowed to contain any colouring or flavouring. The Heaven Hill Old Style meets all those requirements and is therefore a real Kentucky straight bourbon.

Heaven Hill is a family-owned company that was founded in 1935, two years after the prohibition ended. In the beginning it was named Old Heavenhill Springs. Today the company has a wide portfolio of brands and different kinds of spirits that are traded around the world.

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Volume 1 Litre
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The Whisky Exchange Elixir House Whitby Avenue Park Royal London NW10 7SF United Kingdom Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc P.O. Box 729 Bardstown, KY 40004 USA

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