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Hallands Fläder Aquavit 0.7 Litre 38%

Aalborg Anniversary Aquavit 1 l

Aalborg Anniversary Aquavit 1 l

Linie Aquavit Lysholm Norwegen 1 Liter 41,5%

Linie Aquavit 1 Litre 41,5%

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Manufacturer HALLANDS
Country SWEDEN
Alcoholic strength 38% vol.

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Price per Litre: €16.70/Litre
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Hallands Fläder Aquavit from Sweden with the delicious taste of Elderflower
This Halland Fläder Aquavit reflects not only the naturalness of Sweden, rather this spirit is a real treat for the senses and ensures the right choice as a gift for Swedish  and non-Swedish fans!

Aquavit is a distinctive tasting traditional dry Scandinavian schnapps containing of various herbs and spices. The dominant herb is cumin. Aquavit is derived from a Latin word meaning “water of life”. Scandinavia has been producing this flavored spirit since the 15th century and apparently helped cure internal and external illnesses.

Already a fragrance marked by fresh elderberries and lilac berries escapes when you open a bottle of this delicious Aquavit which inspires the senses and serves as a little piece of Sweden directly into your home. 

When the Halland Fläder Aquavit arrives in the mouth the spirit continues the same facets in the taste that were previously perceived via the nose. The freshness of the lilac berries and elderberries subtly unfold their full intensity, covered by sweet cinnamon, a touch of fruit, and a hint of cumin. 

After a few seconds in the mouth shades of oak can be discovered - specifically oak in which this superb Aquavit was rested. Elegant floral nuances show up and give this Halland Fläder Aquavit some special PEP which is not only loved in Sweden. 

The producer of this Aquavit preferably recommends that this spirit accompanies lighter dishes such as fish, poultry and mild vegetables. Also to be enjoyed pure or on ice with a splash of lemon or lime. This is how the Halland Fläder Aquavit unfolds its’ delicious flavors and is the perfect companion to the heating of the body and a general well-being especially in cold seasons. 

Aquavit is an important part of the Scandinavian drinking culture, often consumed during festive events such as Christmas dinner and weddings as an aperitif. It is very rarely used as a mix but you can find a cocktail recipe that includes this interesting spirit. Some consumers like to chase the Aquavit with a beer but other consumers believe that this ruins the taste of the Aquavit.

The look of the Halland Fläder Aquavit is also convincing. The crystal clear Halland Fläder Aquavit shines right through the clear bottle, which has a label with the inscription: Halland Fläder Brännvin graces. This is how Sweden describes their exquisite product. Its silver clasp fully completes its beautiful exterior and underpins the smooth taste of this extraordinary spirit.

Conclusion of the Halland Fläder Aquavit: 

Be inspired by the beauty and naturalness of Sweden by enjoying Halland Fläder Aquavit. This tasty digestive is best consumed pure and on ice, especially in the cold seasons. This full-bodied Aquavit scores not only with its delicious taste of lilac and elderberries, but also with its very clear optics. 

More Information
Product type Akvavit
Item Number 36002
EAN 5710778001219
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country SWEDEN
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring No
Manufacturer/Importer Altia Sweden AB 11528 Stockholm Schweden
Condition New