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Granit Bavarian Gin 0,7 l

GVine Floraison Gin 0,7 l

GVine Floraison Gin 0,7 l

Momentum German Dry Gin 44% 0,7 Liter

Momentum German Dry Gin 44% 0.7 Litre

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Manufacturer GRANIT
Alcoholic strength 42% vol.

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Granit Bavarian Gin comes from Bavaria in Germany and convinces with a classic mild Gin taste

In nosing the senses are fulfilled with a pleasing smell with mild notes of juniper berry and fresh herbs, which are further refined by a light floral aroma and lemon peel.

After tasting the first few gentle drops on the tongue an instant fine juniper berry flavor covers the palate and the next moment a peppery flavour is experienced with herbal notes. In the finish a dominant taste of herbal notes and slight hints of citrus unfolds. The smooth finish of the Granit Bavarian Gin is very long lasting and the taste of Gin remains on the palate.

The distinctive-tasting Granit Bavarian Gin is crafted in the family-run traditional distillery, Alte Hausbrennerei Penninger, in the South of Germany in the Bavarian Forest and has more than 100 years distillery experience over four generations. They are the leading distiller of traditional Bavarian specialty spirits.

It is thanks to Junior Chef Stefan Penninger and his quest for a perfect Gin that the Granit Bavarian Gin exists on the Gin market. The special thing about the Granit Bavarian Gin is that after the distillation process follows a unique oxy-Esterator filtration, where the Gin is filtered through different sized granite stones. This granite comes from the historic granite cutting town of Hauzenberg.

The name of the Gin is in honor of the local granite cutting technique and traditions. Before filtration the Gin is matured in traditional earthenware vats for several months. This process dates back to the 1960’s.  Its pleasant flavour is due to 28 carefully organic-certified selected Botanicals. They include 13 typical Gin Botanicals such as citrus, juniper berry, cilantro and 15 typical Bavarian herbs such as arnica, angelica root, gentian, Bear root and Melissa.

The classy Gin has a light and crisp texture and is stretched by the adding of crystal-clear spring water from the mountains of the Bavarian Forest so that the Gin has its 42 vol %. Buying 100% natural products is very trendy and the Granit Bavarian Gin complies with the requirements to be labeled natural.

The transparent glass bottle is decorated with a label on which the face of a traditional stonemason can be seen and gives an old time mountain atmosphere. The real eye-catcher of the bottle is a small granite stone which is attached to the bottle neck of the Gin with a black piece of ribbon. The purpose of the piece of granite is to freeze it and to use it instead of an ice block and the advantage is that the Gin is not watered down by the ice and stays nice and cold.

The Granite Bavarian Gin can be enjoyed pure or in the form of a classic Gin and tonic. It is advisable to enjoy the Gin with Thomas Henry Tonic Water or a Fentimans Tonic Water to mix, as these harmonize best with the Gin.

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Product type Gin
Item Number 31031
EAN 4001052136019
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Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring No

Alte Hausbrennerei Penninger GmbH Industriestrasse 18 94051 Hauzenberg Deutschland

Condition New