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Drambuie 15 Year Speyside Whisky Liqueur 1 l

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whisky Likör 1 l

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whisky Liqueur 1 l

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Manufacturer DRAMBUIE
Alcoholic strength 43% vol.

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Drambuie liqueur 15 year old includes a selection of quality 15 year old Speyside Malt with the finest dry herbs from Scotland

The extraordinary Drambuie liqueur 15 year old is an intense rich golden whiskey liqueur from the area Broxburn in Scotland and has been produced since 2010. Selections of quality 15 year old Speyside malt is refined here with the finest herbs.

The Drambuie liqueur 15 year old shows off with a fantastic fresh aroma of  zesty citrus, grass and impacts of decedent butterscotch which rapidly spreads after opening the bottle in the room.

After the first sip velvety notes of fresh lemons and limes are perceived that mix harmoniously with the decedent butterscotch and grass. Likewise, fresh juicy berries and heather honey mix with under the flavor composition.

In the soft lingering finish sweet shortbread and refreshing herbal notes sound even after a while. For consumption the alluring Drambuie liqueur 15 year old is mainly offered for pure sipping enjoyment at room temperature or "on the rocks".

Apparently the original recipe for the delectable Drambuie liqueur belonged to Bonnie Prince Charlie. In 1746 the Prince was on the run from the Kings men. He was assisted by many Highland Clans and managed to escape thanks to clansman John MacKinnon.

As a thank you the Prince shared the treasured secret recipe of Drambuie. In1873 the recipe was given to John Ross who produced the liquor for his hotel guests. In 1914 the Drambuie Liquor Company was established and trademarked. The brand was sold to Williams Grant in 2014.

Scotland and Ireland are regarded as the country of origin of the unique Drambuie liqueur 15 year old. Nowhere else in the world will you find so many top class distilleries so closely lined up. No wonder that the expressive Drambuie Whiskey from the Scottish Drambuie Liqueur Company based in Edinburgh has virtually become the national drink.

A native of Scotland, the aged Drambuie liqueur 15 year old has enthusiastically been embraced by real Whiskey lovers. The history of Whisky Liqueur is based on the production of first –class Whiskey.

Since Whiskey was formerly often known as hard liquor it was generally diluted with different ingredients to a more pleasant drinking strength. For use some distilleries mixed honey with the Whisky to make it sweeter and some have been mixed with macerated herbs.

By experimenting, more and more Whiskey liqueurs came on the market and nowadays push to great popularity and huge demand. Especially emerging economies currently show numerous imports of Whiskey.

Genuine Whiskey fans can even book Whiskey tours via travel agencies, where they are guided through the various historical working Whiskey distilleries and of course can sample and purchase some of the fine wares on site.

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Manufacturer/Importer The Drambuie Liqueur Company Ltd. G21 1EQ Schottland
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