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Don Papa MassKara Rum Spirit 40% 0,7l

Ron Millonario 10 years Aniversario Reserva 40% 0,7l

Ron Millonario 10 years Aniversario Reserva 40% 0,7l

Appleton Estate 12 Years Rare Blend Rum  43% 0,7l

Appleton Estate 12 Years Rare Blend Rum 43% 0,7l

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Manufacturer DON PAPA RUM
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Price per Litre: €46.41/Litre
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Don Papa Masskara Spirit Drink is crafted with meticulous care and inspired by the colorful festivities, this unique spirit encapsulates the energy and zest of Bacolod City's most iconic event.

Indulge in the enchanting allure of Don Papa Masskara Spirit Drink—an exquisite libation that pays homage to the vibrant essence of the Philippines' famed Masskara Festival. Infused with the spirit of Bacolod City's joyful celebration, this crafted concoction is a tribute to the artistry of Filipino culture.

Don Papa Masskara captures the vivacious soul of the festival, delivering a sensory explosion that mirrors the city's exuberant energy. The spirit dance begins with a rich aroma, where sweet notes of ripe fruits intertwine with hints of spices, creating an irresistible invitation.

As the first sip graces your palate, you're immersed in a symphony of flavors. The sweetness of sugarcane seamlessly blends with layers of tropical fruit, balanced by a subtle warmth that lingers. Each taste carries the vibrancy of Masskara's iconic masks and vivid costumes.

The bottle itself is a work of art, adorned with intricate designs that echo the festival's visual splendor. With every pour, you're transported to the heart of Bacolod's festivities, where the laughter and music of Masskara come to life.

Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation for innovative cocktails, Don Papa Masskara Spirit Drink elevates any occasion to a festival of flavors. Embrace the magic of Masskara and experience the Philippines' zest for life in every sip.

More Information
Product type Spirit Drink based on Rum
Item Number 30161
EAN 4809015157183
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring Yes
Contains Sulfites No

Sierra Madre Trend Food GmbH, Rohrstraße 26, 58093 Hagen, Deutschland

Condition New
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