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Crystal Head Vodka Magnum bottle 40.0% 1.75 l

Skyy Vodka 1 l

Skyy Vodka 1 l

Dynasty Vodka 1 Liter 37,5%

Dynasty Vodka 1 Litre 37.5%

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Manufacturer CRYSTAL HEAD
Country CANADA
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Crystal Head Vodka Magnum bottle presents itself visually and flavorful with mystical aspects


There's hardly a spirit which visually creates such a positive impression as the Crystal Head Vodka from Canada. To outdo themselves with the appearance yet again the manufacturer Globefill Inc. is now offering this delicious Vodka in a 1.75 liter Magnum bottle

The Crystal Head Vodka Magnum bottle is an eye-catcher in every fashionable bar as well as a welcome guest at larger celebrations. Crystal Head is also the choice Vodka for many international celebrities and has been included in movie scenes with Justin Timberlake, Steven Spielberg productions and the Rolling Stones.

The skull design was developed based on the legend of the 13 crystal skulls. Thus, mystical properties as well as enlightenment and energy transferred to their owner. Crystal Head is the 2007 brainchild of comedian-actor Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander. Alexander specifically designed the very creative skull bottle. Bruni glass from Milan manufactures the bottle.

You should preferably enjoy this Crystal Head Vodka pure because it is actually almost too good for the enrichment of mixed drinks and cocktails. 

The aroma and flavour of the Crystal Head Vodka is extraordinarily fresh and sweet. In general the Vodka is very full bodied, yet smooth and soft. Subtle flavors of citrus and aniseed show up in the silky, creamy mouth feel.

The recipe for this delicious Vodka is top secret. But the fact is that no additives are used in the production.  The spirit is also gluten free as well as certified kosher. Only pure alcohol obtained from a special grain mixture finds its way into this skull bottle. This mixture goes through a fourfold distillation and is on top of that triple filtered through charcoal. To conclude, the manufacturer adds crystal clear water sourced from a deep glacial Lake. 

Before it comes to the final bottling, the Crystal Head Vodka is filtered three times through Herkimer diamonds (actually quartz crystals which apparently have healing properties), which is responsible for its unique clarity and helps give the Vodka its special quality. 

This extremely high quality was acknowledged at the San Francisco World spirits competition in 2011 with a double gold medal and supported once again the standard that the manufacturer imposed on itself.

Conclusion of the Crystal Head Vodka Magnum bottle:

The eye-catching Crystal Head Vodka Magnum bottle presents itself as a fresh, sweet spirit, which embodies a true recognition visually and also by its unique flavor. Its appealing design and especially the Magnum bottle embodies the absolute perfect gift for friends and relatives.

Crystal Head Vodka, a skull and crossbones skull with mystical facets!

Awards for the Crystal Head Vodka Magnum bottle: 

  • San Francisco World spirits competition: double gold medal  in 2011 and silver medal in 2009
  • Moscow ProdExpo International Tasting Contest: gold medal in 2013
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Country CANADA
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