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Cointreau Orange Liqueur 1 Litre 40%

Bailey's Irish Cream Whiskylikör 1 Liter 17%

Baileys The Original Irish Cream 17% 1,0l

Disaronno Etro Limited Edition mit 2 Gläsern 28,0 % 0,7 l

Disaronno Etro Limited Edition with 2 Glasses 0.7 Litre 28%

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Manufacturer COINTREAU
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Cointreau Orange Liqueur is not only perfect for a relaxing evening but also good in fruit cakes and sweet pastries

In the glass of the Cointreau Orange Liqueur it shimmers with a shiny gold color. It spreads a refreshingly fresh and fruity orange flavor in the room which represents French charm. In addition the orange nuances mix with sweet and slightly bitter aromas. The palate of the smooth Cointreau Orange Liqueur is perceived gentle and relatively mild. Here the tasty orange flavor also stands out but it is accompanied by sweet and powerful facets that balance the delicious flavor composition. It is this wonderful freshness that distinguishes the quality of the superb Cointreau Orange Liqueur.

In 1849 the two brothers Adolphe - a confectioner and Edouard-Juan founded the company Cointreau in France. The company can now be proud of a more than 150 year old history in the art of producing the orange flavored liqueur which is generally drunk as an aperitif and digestive.  A special feature of Cointreau Orange Liqueur is that the formulation and manufacturing process have not been altered in any way since the company was founded. Thus the popularity of the unique Cointreau Orange Liqueur has remained constantly equal since the beginning. The brothers also successfully produced a popular cherry liqueur. 

The preparation of this sought-after liqueur is based on carefully selected ingredients that continuously undergo strict quality checks. Among the ingredients orange peels feature significantly bringing the unmistakable fruity aroma with it.  Other ingredients include assorted herbs, sugar and water. The orange peel is derived from various types of oranges that are first dried in the sun and connect with water, alcohol and a sugar mix. The orange peels are sourced from various countries like Spain, Brazil, Haiti and Macedonia. The alcohol that is blended with the macerated orange peels is made of sugar beets. The exact composition and production procedure is kept secret by the company. The peels are distilled in a copper still to extract the essential oils which are key to the final flavour.

With the 40% vol. the award-winning Cointreau Orange Liqueur is perfect for pure enjoyment, “on the rocks", and as a base for cocktails such as a margarita or a melon orange punch. The finely balance Cointreau Orange Liqueur is used to refine cakes, pastries and desserts because it gives the treats a very special touch. The Cointreau Orange Liqueur is an integral part of almost any budget, for men who like to sip a sweet and fresh drink, and for women who have a preference for fruit cakes and sweet pastries. More than 13 million bottles are sold annually in over 150 countries and is an essential addition to ever bar and restaurant.


The mouth-watering Cointreau Orange Liqueur won a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2008.

More Information
Product type Liqueur
Item Number 35032
EAN 3035542001908
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country FRANCE
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring No
Manufacturer/Importer Cointreau 49124 Saint Barthelemy D'Anjou Frankreich
Condition New