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Cognac De Luze VSOP 1 l

Cognac De Luze VS 1 l

Cognac De Luze VS 1 l

Cognac De Luze XO 1 l

De Luze XO Tres Vieille Reserve Cognac 40% 1 l

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Manufacturer DE LUZE
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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De Luze VSOP Cognac is crafted from the finest grapes and is matured for at least four years in French oak barrels

Even in the nose the rich flavor of this superb De Luze VSOP Cognac can be perceived. The palate elicits the De Luze VSOP Cognac notes of sweet raisins, creamy honey, wood, violets, iris and fragrant rose.  A silky and soft finish makes it possible to enjoy the flavor composition all over again before the Cognac escapes from the tongue.

Cognac is a special superior brandy originating from the city of Cognac in France from the adjoining vineyards in the region Charante or Charante-Maritime. The name Cognac has been protected since 1920, so the name "Cognac" cannot be a synonym for brandy - similar to brandy, tequila or champagne.

The history of the brand De Luze dates back to the year 1820 when the family De Luze founded the company and has been well-known since then as the manufacturer of fine Cognac. Two brother from New York – Alfred and Philippe De Luze set up a business in France. One brother returned to the USA and the other set up an export-import business in France. A few vineyards were acquired and by the end of the century a successful and flourishing business was in operation.

The name designation VSOP stands for "very special old pale", which specifies a minimum age of Cognac required by applicable securities laws. The products of this company are now counted among the category of gourmet spirits. The eaux-de-vie for the dark amber VSOP comes from the two most prestigious growth areas in Cognac namely the Grand Champagne and Petite Champagne growth area. The vineyard Domaine Boinaud specifically supplies the grapes needed in the 41 pot-still distillery.

While continuously under control the distillation process of the delightful De Luze VSOP Cognac is repeatedly filtered and prepared for a long maturation phase. The blended De Luze VSOP Cognac is matured for at least four years and has developed its honey-colored character with gold shimmering reflections during this period. The oak barrels can also be tasted in the flavor formation of the De Luze VSOP Cognac which is ultimately unmistakably versatile and refreshing.

Through painstaking work De Luze has managed to escape the low price level and thus now mixes among the world's luxury brands. This includes not only the De Luze VSOP Cognac, but also the De Luze VS Cognac Fine and the De Luze XO Cognac. The De Luze VSOP Cognac is ideal  as a gift for friends and loved ones, but should not be missed in their own mini bar at home. Accompany the consumption of the Cognac with a cigar, the whole taste is again rounded off as very classy and relaxing. Whether neat or on ice the De Luze VSOP Cognac is in all respects a true connoisseur product and warms the heart, especially during the cold season.

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Product type Cognac
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Country FRANCE
Volume 1 Litre
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Manufacturer/Importer Cognac de Luze 1630 Angeac Champagne Frankreich
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