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Cognac De Luze VS 1 l

Meukow XO Gold Panther Cognac 0,7 l

Meukow XO Gold Panther Cognac 0,7 l

Cognac De Luze VSOP 1 l

Cognac De Luze VSOP 1 l

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Manufacturer DE LUZE
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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De Luze VS Fine Cognac is the youngest Cognac of the De Luze family and excites with diverse flavor, especially popular with female Cognac connoisseurs

A fabulous complex aroma escapes the bottle after opening. The taste of the fine De Luze VS Fine Cognac recalls sweet honey, fragrant roses, a little violet and iris. Also the fine wine aromas of nuts, decadent marzipan, dried plum and fruity orange are very apparent.

Exactly this fine composition makes this very special De Luze VS Fine Cognac very interesting to the female sex. Its clever wide-ranging taste composition adapts to virtually any occasion and makes it something special. The De Luze VS Fine Cognac is a winner and offers the true Cognac connoisseur as well as for new entrants to the Cognac market something special. Warm and soft swings leaves a pleasing full-bodied mouth feel. Whether for private enjoyment at home or for a cozy evening with friends and acquaintances – the De Luze VS Fine Cognac is the right gift for anyone.

The award-winning De Luze Cognac house was founded by two brothers born in New York. They set off to France in the early 19th century and endeavored to produce a light and natural Cognac which they did quite successfully. France has for years been the Cognac country par excellence. Not only national but also international awards honor the De Luze Cognacs and for this reason the family run company has kept the recipes and production processes a secret.

The generous and delicate De Luze VS Fine Cognac is the youngest Cognac in the De Luze family. A native of France, the subtle De Luze VS Fine Cognac is composed of mature Cognacs from all French production areas .Only un-filtered wines are distilled for the De Luze range which ensures a smoother, thicker and richer flavour and aroma. The distillery boast 41 pot stills of various sizes which can make bigger or smaller batches as required.

For generations the "savoir-faire" is passed with respect to the production of Cognac in the family Boinaud. The recipe has been swept, improved and refined over the years. For the production of Cognac, grapes mainly from the regions of Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne and Borde Rice are used. The perfect mixture makes premium De Luze VS Fine Cognac as special as it presents itself.

The De Luze VS Fine Cognac is outsourced for at least four years in French oak barrels. The older part of the Cognac is aged a lot longer and is responsible for the distinctive full-bodied and subtle taste of the spirit. The De Luze VS Fine Cognac gets the light-golden color during the ripening stage in oak barrels.

But ultimately the right composition of the De Luze Cognacs is achieved by the Master Blender.

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Country FRANCE
Volume 1 Litre
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Manufacturer/Importer Cognac de Luze 1630 Angeac Champagne Frankreich
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