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Slots Guld Beer 5,9% 24x0,33 liter

Birra Moretti Premium Lager 4,6% 24 x 0,33 liter

Birra Moretti Premium Lager 4,6% 24 x 0,33 liter

Slots Classic Beer 4,6% 24x0,33 liter

Slots Classic Beer 4,6% 24x0,33 liter

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Manufacturer SLOTS
Alcoholic strength 5,9% vol.

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Slots Guld is an attractive and balanced, strong lager with a smooth and distinctive taste. Finest Pilsner malt, hops, and yeast were used for brewing.

Slots Guld Beer, a true masterpiece crafted for beer enthusiasts seeking an exceptional drinking experience. This extraordinary lager embodies the perfect harmony of flavors, strength, and character.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Slots Guld Beer as it unveils its attractive and balanced profile. With each sip, you'll discover a powerful yet remarkably smooth Lager, exuding a distinct taste that sets it apart from the rest. Meticulously brewed using only the finest Pilsner malt, hops, and yeast, it showcases the dedication and craftsmanship behind its creation.

Prepare your taste buds for a delightful journey. Slots Guld Beer boasts an exquisite fullness that delights the palate, leaving a pleasant and satisfying sensation with every sip. Its rounded flavor profile is a testament to the meticulous blending of ingredients, resulting in a truly unforgettable taste experience.

As you pour Slots Guld Beer into your glass, its beautiful bright golden hue catches your eye, inviting you to indulge in its visual appeal. This beer not only satisfies your taste buds but also pleases the eyes, creating a truly captivating drinking experience.

Whether you're enjoying a relaxing evening at home, socializing with friends, or celebrating a special occasion, Slots Guld Beer is the perfect companion. With its irresistible charm and rich, well-balanced flavor, it elevates any moment into a memorable one.

Embrace the excellence of Slots Guld Beer and let its remarkable qualities awaken your senses. Discover the artistry and passion that went into every sip, and immerse yourself in the world of this exceptional lager.

More Information
Product type Beer
Item Number 69018
EAN 9900000000042
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Volume 24x 0.33 Litre
Colouring No
Contains Sulfites No

Royal Unibrew A/S Faxe Allee 1, 4640 Faxe Denmark.

Condition New
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