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Boulard Calvados Grand Solage 0,7 Litre 40%

Boulard Calvados XO 0,7 l

Boulard Calvados XO 0,7 l

Pernod aus Frankreich 40,0 % 1,0 l

Pernod 1 Litre 40%

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Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Boulard Calvados Grand Solage from France boasts fresh sounds of delicious apples and a creamy sweetness of elegant vanilla
Boulard Calvados Grand Solage is defined as an amber colored Brandy made from a base of a variety of over 120 juicy apple types. The law requires that a spirit can only use the term Calvados Brandy if the production takes place in France's Normandy region. More accurately expressed in exactly eleven different regions of the area of origin Calvados. 

This extraordinary Boulard Calvados Grand Solage is double distilled and is then aged in oak barrels for between 2 to 5 years. The aging allows the rich color, tannins and notes of spice, toffee, vanilla and caramel to develop. The cellar master keeps the blending ratio a secret. The result is fantastic and was awarded for this purpose in the year 2006 where it achieved a gold medal at the international spirits competition (ISW). 

This well-balanced Calvados has been produced since 1825 at the family-owned Calvados Boulard Distillery. Still now the 5th generation Bular controls this company. The head quarter is located in a suburb close to the famous Pont l ' Évêque in the French region Coquainvillier. The company owns its own apple orchards in Pays d’ Auge which allows the family to have full control of the production and final product.

On opening a bottle of this delicious liquor a scent of fresh, juicy apples escape. On top of that sweet vanilla sounds resonate that remind you that the Boulard Grand Solage can also be enjoyed as a dessert.

Once in the mouth the French Brandy puts down a fruity sweet composition on the palate. Connoisseurs meet a full-bodied sense. The Boulard Calvados Grand Solage’s extremely high elegance is trumped only by the quality. Almost glibly the Boulard Grand Solage slides down the throat and leads to the flawless long finish.

The resonance is refreshing with a twist of juicy fruit. 

Calvados, similar to cognac, is simply something special and therefore should always be enjoyed pure or on ice.  In France the liqueur initially served as a palate cleaner between multi-course menus, served in a classic shot glass. Currently however, you can enjoy the Boulard Calvados Grand Solage in a tulip or a long stemmed champagne glass. Try it with tonic water for a refreshing long drink. The fruity soft finish will quickly have you reaching for more.

Calvados requires air to breathe which ensures its special class. Look out for other types of Calvados, now also made from pears.

Conclusion of the Boulard Calvados Grand Solage: 

In conclusion, the soft Boulard Calvados Grand Solage is a fruity-fresh apple-based firewall, which is just so full of elegance. After a hearty dinner, we recommend the pure pleasure!

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Country FRANCE
Volume 0.7 Litre
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Manufacturer/Importer Distillerie Calvados Boulard Moulin de la Foulonnerie 14130 COQUAINVILLIERS Frankreich
Condition New