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Brugal Ron Reserva Anejo Exclusiva 1 l

Botran 15 Jahre Solera Reserva Rum 0,7 l

Botran 15 years Solera Reserva Rum 0,7 l

El Ron Prohibido Habanero 12 Jahre Solera Rum 0,7 l

El Ron Prohibido Habanero 12 year Solera Rum 0,7 l

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Manufacturer RON BRUGAL
Alcoholic strength 38% vol.

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Brugal XV Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum from the Dominican Republic. A quality Caribbean Rum matured for 8 years in white and red oak barrels

The aroma of the aged Brugal XV Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum is characterized by the fine touch of dried fruit, elegant vanilla, cashew nuts, exotic cinnamon and decadent caramel. 

The Brugal XV Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum gets its special flavor through the nuances of cinnamon and almonds, which gives a spicy and wood-like note without losing its adequate sweetness.

The exclusive Brugal XV Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum is dark golden and amber-like in color. The massive and peaty Rum is fruity without being obtrusive and boasts a superb mild and smooth finish. 

The Brugal XV Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum is molasses based. Molasses is a thick, sticky dark by-product of sugar production. 

Through its eight year maturity process in white oak and red oak barrels the Brugal XV Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum receives its color and its unique taste, which connoisseurs prefer pure or on enjoy on ice. 

Despite all this the  Brugal XV Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum is stocked in many cafés and bars as an integral part and is ideal to mix trendy cocktails and favorite long drinks such as a Brugal Cloudy Apple. 

Brugal Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum promises a refreshing drink for relaxing moments in combination with fresh apple and lime juice. Optical garnish is a narrow slither of apple on the rim of the glass. The long and slender easy to grab bottle is clearly labeled and makes a sensible addition to a Rum collection.

The family Brugal has been producing high-quality Rum at the Brugal Distillery since 1888. For over five generations a classic family recipe has been followed which previously and currently promises one of the world's best Rums. 

Only family members are privy to the special manufacturing formula and therefore the recipe is kept strictly confidential. This special family cohesion is also reflected in their traditional Rum production. 

Today the Brugal Distillery is one of the three biggest distilleries in the Dominican Republic.

Today Jassil Villanueva, the first female maestra Ronera is at the top of the company and embodies their unique history, as well as the unique taste of the Brugal Rum.

The production, maturation, as well as the bottling of the Brugal Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum is carried out exclusively in the Dominican Republic. This guarantees the control of the production process at any time and also validates the authenticity of the Caribbean spirit. 

The long maturity phase is one of the most important criteria for acquiring a premium Rum. This criterion is satisfied completely by storage in white and red oak casks. Here the Brugal Ron Reserva Exclusiva Rum receives its fruity silky taste and keeps the mild popular finish.

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The Edrington Group 2500 Great Western Road Glasgow, G15 6RW Schottland Brugal & Co. S.A. Av. J. F. Kennedy No. 57 Edificio Brugal Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 1183

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