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Boris Jelzin Vodka Vanille 1 Litre 37.5%

Boris Jelzin Vodka Strawberry (Erdbeere) 1 Liter 37,5%

Boris Jelzin Vodka Strawberry 1 Litre 37.5%

Svedka Vodka 1 Liter 40%

Svedka Vodka 1 Litre 40%

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Manufacturer PURE DIVINE
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 37,5% vol.

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Boris Jelzin Vodka vanilla, a French Vodka with soft vanilla flavour
Hardly any other country is so well known for its native alcohol such as Russia. Vodka has been drunk here in high quantities since the 14th century and is an integral part of the Russian culture. The name Vodka derives from the Russian word "Voda" or the Polish word "Woda", that means ‘water’. This fact underscores again how important this delicious alcohol is in Russia. 

In the mountains of Alsace the company Boris Jelzin Vodka guards its recipe to burn an authentic, incomparable Vodka with a special soft clarity, found otherwise only in Russian or Polish products. 

The well-known Boris Jelzin distillery has producing their unique Vodka since 1991 and draws the necessary pure water from Vosges regional nature park. This crystal clear water as well as the five-time distillation provide the unique freshness, the delicious taste and the power for this Boris Jelzin Vodka vanilla creation. 

The French company has now grown into a global brand and is appreciated worldwide for its special quality, in particular by the barman. 

Today Boris Jelzin sells its Vodka in over 80 different countries. Among them are the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Denmark, Lithuania, as well as many other countries. Boris Jelzin has made it and reaps worldwide respect. The Vodka is presented in a beautiful original custom made bottle.

In addition to unrivalled quality Vodka, the company is also familiar with the production of excellent liqueurs and now extradite almost 15 million bottles. 

This sweet creamy Boris Jelzin Vodka Vanilla scores in particular by the attractive, warm and intense aroma of the vanilla pods and its gentle finish.

The company itself is convinced of its pure tasting as an aperitif or digestive. However the bewitching Boris Jelzin Vodka Vanilla is also the perfect, alcoholic basis for exotic cocktails, mixed drinks and even in a specialty coffee.

Try the so-called SOHO dream! 

Just take the following ingredients:
-          2 cl Boris Jelzin Vodka
-          1 cl Boris Jelzin Vodka Vanilla
-          1 cl Orange Curaçao 

Mix them together with ice cubes in a classic cocktail shaker. Then serve this cocktail in a cosmopolitan glass and garnish it with a slice of fresh orange! Your SOHO dream is ready!

Conclusion of the Boris Jelzin Vodka Vanilla:

Overall this exotic Boris Jelzin Vodka Vanilla is one in a kind and represents a delicious liquor with the aroma of character-rich vanilla beans. It’s easy, warm approach and its particularly gentle finish bear witness to the high quality that this Boris Jelzin Vodka Vanilla has to offer. Whether on ice or as an alcoholic base for exotic drinks and cocktails; with this special Vodka from France, it is always more than good!
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Product type Flavoured Vodka
Item Number 32040
EAN 3263280101974
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country FRANCE
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring No
Manufacturer/Importer GCF 67290 Petersbach Frankreich
Condition New