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Boris Jelzin Vodka Strawberry 1 Litre 37.5%

Boris Jelzin Vodka Lemon 1 Liter 37,5%

Pure Divine Vodka Lemon 37,5% 1,0l

Boris Jelzin Vodka Vanille 1 Liter 37,5%

Boris Jelzin Vodka Vanille 1 Litre 37.5%

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Manufacturer PURE DIVINE
Country FRANCE
Alcoholic strength 37,5% vol.

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Boris Jelzin Vodka Strawberry, a Vodka from France with the aroma of fresh strawberries
Vodka is a distilled spirit made mainly from water and ethanol whose origin is found in Eastern Europe. The name Vodka derives from the Russian word "Voda" or the Polish word "Woda", that means ‘water’. 

Flavored Vodka is one of the spirits which has gained popularity particular in recent years. The list is long; whether with vanilla, kiwi fruit, cherry or strawberry flavor, the clientele for this kind of enjoyment is ever-growing.

No wonder that the French company Boris Jelzin has used its special know-how in the production of Vodka and brought this outstanding Boris Jelzin Vodka Strawberry alive.

The unique clear and soft product with an aromatic strawberry finish proves that the distillery has understood its craft. The special clarity and also the flavors resonate in the background and never distort the respective drink in the taste. The Vodka is produced with winter wheat and pure natural water in the quadruple distillation process.

You can in good conscience say that a high quality Vodka must not necessarily come from Poland or Russia. Of course, Vodka in Russian culture is more networked than it is the case in Western of Europe. The quality of this Vodka is the perfect base for a refreshing long drink with guaranteed strawberry charm. 

Boris Yeltsin himself recommends this Vodka pure or on ice, but is also perfect to enjoy mixed with various fruit juices and other drinks, as well as in desserts.

A suitable variant is the "strawberry limes", a lively strawberry based cocktail that one traditionally prepares in larger quantities so that it can be shared with friends and family!

For this you need:
  • 800 grams of frozen strawberries
  • 100 grams of fresh strawberries
  • 6 cl Strawberry Syrup
  • 4 cl lime juice
  • 250 ml ice-cold sparkling wine or Prosecco
  • 250 ml Boris Jelzin Vodka Strawberry

  • First you let the strawberries thaw so that you can then puree them in a blender. Then add the Strawberry Syrup, lime juice, water and the Vodka. Mixes this creation again vigorously.
  • Add ice-cold sparkling wine and stir again. Pour the cocktail into a large bowl or portion them into chic cocktail glasses. Then keep chilled while waiting for the guests.
  • Garnish with a fresh strawberry before serving.

Et Voilà, the strawberry limes is ready and will delight your guests. This cocktail is a true delight especially in the warm season!

Conclusion of the Boris Jelzin Vodka Strawberry:

Boris Jelzin Vodka Strawberry is a classic flavored Vodka with the aroma of fresh strawberries. You should enjoy this best cold on ice or in cocktails. One thing is clear, it refreshes the senses and serves as a perfect aperitif especially in the summer! 

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Product type Flavoured Vodka
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Country FRANCE
Volume 1 Litre
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Manufacturer/Importer GCF 67290 Petersbach Frankreich
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