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Bacardi Limon 1 l

Bacardi Carta Blanca, Superior Weißer Rum 1 l

Bacardi Carta Blanca, Superior White Rum 1 l

Bacardi Razz 1 l

Bacardi Razz 1 l

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Manufacturer BACARDI
Alcoholic strength 32% vol.

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The carefully crafted Bacardi Limón Grand carries the awesome aromas of cold-pressed lime, zesty lemon and bitter grapefruit peels for a refreshing flavor in itself

The clear Bacardi Limón Grand is named after the Spanish word for lemon and is a delicious refreshing liquor that mirrors colorful Caribbean flair again. The spirit is a creative and modern mix that inspires the consumer's taste with every sip. The original Bacardi Limón Grand makes an assortment of inspiring drinks like a favorite highball or fruity cocktail. The Bacardi Limón Grand which has already taken countless Rum fans under its spell is perfect to enjoy in a Margarita or Cosmopolitan because it contributes a very special flavor to beverages. The flavored Rum is molasses based. Molasses is the thick brown and sticky by-product from the production of sugar.

Bacardi history can be dated all the way back to the year 1862. This is the year that the Spaniard Don Facundo founded the Bacardi distillery in Santiago de Cuba. The company is proud of a more than 150-year success story today. Shortly after the founding of the family business Castro came to power and the Bacardi family was forced to immigrate to the United States. It took a few years for the productivity of the company to become satisfactory once again but the time came and it has also formed the basis for one of the world`s most successful companies in the Rum world.  Bacardi’s bat logo was inspired by bats living in the original Bacardi distillery. Bats are thought to be a symbol of good luck and fortune and the logo has been an important element in making this brand successful. Nowadays Bacardi is headquartered in Bermuda and exports to more than 170 countries around the world. Bacardi produces and exports over seventy million cases of Rum each year. Bacardi is also the largest family-owned company in its sector. The company has also won more than 300 prestigious international awards since 1862 and can therefore be very proud of its products and its international fame.

The desirable Bacardi Limón Grand is a good Bacardi Rum to which fruit flavors are added. The shells of the respective fruits such as tangy lime, zesty lemon and bitter grapefruit are cold pressed. Despite the usually bitter flavors of the fruit this gives the innovative and clear Bacardi Limón Grand a pleasant sweetness that magically transforms the spirit into an inspiring refreshing taste experience. The chic Bacardi Limón Grand is presented in a modern and fresh bottle with a twist top. The bright logo makes this flavored Rum a fun and exciting drink ideal for the younger generation and also makes a fine addition to any bar or spirit collection.

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Volume 1 Litre
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Bacardi GmbH Alter Postweg 13-15 21614 Buxtehude Germany

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