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Averna Amaro Siciliano 29% 1,0l

Åbro Sju komma tvåan 7,2% 24 x 0,33 liter

Åbro Sju komma tvåan 7,2% 24 x 0,33 liter

Casa Dragones Anejo Tequila 40% 0,7l

Casa Dragones Anejo Tequila 40% 0,7l

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Manufacturer AVERNA
Country ITALY
Alcoholic strength 29% vol.

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Price per Litre: €17.49/Litre
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Averna Amaro Bitter is a renowned Italian liqueur crafted from a blend of herbs, roots, and citrus peels, it exudes a unique balance of sweet and bitter notes.

Averna Amaro Bitter - an Italian masterpiece that captures the essence of tradition and craftsmanship in every bottle. Embark on a sensory journey with this exquisite liqueur, where time-honored recipes and carefully selected ingredients converge to create a captivating symphony of flavors.

At first sight, Averna Amaro Bitter reveals a captivating deep amber hue, hinting at the richness that lies within. As you lift the glass to your nose, an alluring bouquet unfolds, teasing your senses with a harmonious fusion of herbal infusions, zesty citrus peels, and delicate spices. The intoxicating aroma invites you to take a sip, and you won't be disappointed.

Upon your first taste, the complexity of Averna Amaro Bitter reveals itself. A well-balanced blend of sweet and bitter notes dances on your palate, complemented by the subtle warmth of caramel and a medley of carefully curated botanicals. Each ingredient contributes to a symphony of flavors that linger, leaving behind a pleasantly lingering finish that's both soothing and invigorating.

Averna Amaro Bitter is more than just a drink; it's a ritual of indulgence. Sip it neat to savor the depth of its character, or serve it on the rocks for a refreshing twist. This versatile liqueur also shines when mixed in classic cocktails or innovative creations, adding a sophisticated touch to every concoction.

Handcrafted with passion and pride in the heart of Sicily, Averna Amaro Bitter embodies the soul of Italian heritage. Whether enjoyed during relaxed gatherings with friends, as an after-dinner treat, or as a special gift for discerning palates, this extraordinary liqueur promises to elevate any occasion.

Add a touch of Italian elegance to your repertoire with Averna Amaro Bitter. Embrace the taste of tradition and savor the complexity of flavors that have enchanted generations. Elevate your drinking experience with a sip of Averna Amaro Bitter - an unforgettable journey through the artistry of Italian liqueurs.

More Information
Item Number 37013
EAN 8000400203782
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country ITALY
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring Yes
Contains Sulfites No

DCM S.p.A., Via F. Sacchetti 20, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni MI, Italien

Condition New
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