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Appleton Estate 8 years Reserve Rum 43% 0,7 l

Appleton Estate 12 Years Rare Blend Rum  43% 0,7l

Appleton Estate 12 Years Rare Blend Rum 43% 0,7l

Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Familiar Rum 40% 0,7l

Brugal 1888 Gran Reserva Familiar Rum 40% 0,7l

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Manufacturer APPLETON
Alcoholic strength 43% vol.

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Price per Litre: €38.39/Litre
Incl. VAT
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Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days*2

Appleton Estate 8 Years Reserve Rum offers notes of caramelized fruit, warm spices, and a hint of oak, delivering a smooth and inviting sipping experience for both newcomers and seasoned rum enthusiasts.

Elevate your spirits with the exquisite Appleton Estate 8 Years Reserve Rum—a true testament to the art of Caribbean rum-making. This carefully aged treasure has spent eight years maturing in the heart of Jamaica, resulting in a harmonious and captivating flavor profile.

Aged to Perfection:
For nearly a decade, this exceptional rum has been nurtured in the lush tropical climate of Jamaica. The result is a well-balanced and rich flavor profile that showcases the expertise of Appleton Estate's distillers. With notes of caramelized fruit, warm spices, and a subtle oak undertone, each sip is a journey into the heart of the Caribbean.

Smooth and Inviting:
Appleton Estate 8 Years Reserve Rum isn't just a drink; it's an experience of pure indulgence. Its velvety texture and inviting aroma make it perfect for sipping neat, allowing you to savor every nuance of its complex and rewarding taste. Whether you're enjoying it on a quiet evening or celebrating life's special moments, this rum is the epitome of Caribbean hospitality.

A Perfect Gift:
Searching for a memorable gift for a rum aficionado or a delightful addition to your own collection? Appleton Estate 8 Years Reserve Rum arrives in an elegantly crafted bottle, reflecting the heritage and charm of Jamaica's finest rum distillery. It's a gift that exudes sophistication and a deep appreciation for the Caribbean's finest spirits.

Experience the Caribbean Legacy:
Unveil the rich legacy of Appleton Estate with the 8 Years Reserve Rum. With its impeccable aging process and remarkable character, this rum embodies the soul of the Caribbean, making it a timeless addition to your collection and a cherished companion for life's most cherished moments.

Indulge in the captivating heritage and extraordinary taste of Appleton Estate 8 Years Reserve Rum today. Elevate your spirit and celebrate life's finest moments with each sip.

More Information
Product type Rum
Item Number 30163
EAN 5024576207101
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Volume 0.7 Litre
Colouring Yes
Contains Sulfites No

DCM S.p.A., Via F. Sacchetti 20, 20099 Sesto San Giovanni, Italien

J. Wray & Nephew Ltd., Kingston, Jamaika

Condition New
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