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Absolut Vodka 1 l

Absolut Vodka Andy Warhol Limited Edition 1 l

Absolut Vodka Andy Warhol Limited Edition 1 l

Finlandia Vodka 1 l

Finlandia Vodka 1 l

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Manufacturer ABSOLUT
Country SWEDEN
Alcoholic strength 40% vol.

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Absolut Vodka is one of the most famous Vodkas of its kind and offers a perfect crystal clear taste of pure Vodka

Absolut Vodka is probably know by everyone. It sells over 97 million litres per year in over 126 countries using over 80000 metric tons of home-grown winter wheat for its production. Over one kilo of grain is used to fill a one litre bottle. The Absolut Vodka glass bottle looks like a big old pharmacy bottle that has something indulging to offer with its wide variety of tastes for everyone.

Most bars and restaurants whether commercial or residential generally stock the world-famous brand. This Vodka also makes a perfect addition to a home bar for those who enjoy experimenting with cocktail making.

Absolut Vodka is particularly often used for mixing favorite long drinks and refreshing cocktails. Pure consumption and on-the-rocks of the super-smooth Absolut Vodka can also be enjoyed. The Absolut Vodka bottle with the plain blue lettering is probably the best known of the large Absolut family.

This Vodka and many more varieties of the brand Absolut are already world famous. In total the Absolut Vodka range stands on 2nd place in the global rankings of Vodka – following the famous brand Bacardi - which the unique production and irresistible taste of Vodka honors. The rich and mellow Absolut Vodka, or Absolut Vodka Blue, is just one of the few that excites with no added flavor and with its perfect purity.

Since 1879 the home of Absolut Vodka is a small town in southern Sweden called Åhus and the producer is called the V&S Group owned by the French group Pernod Ricard.

Absolut was established by Lars Olsson Smith who perfected tenfold purified Vodka and challenged the liquor marketing monopoly at the time by selling his Absolut Vodka at lower prices than the monopoly. In preparing the special Absolut Vodka the Swedes had a very special thought in mind.

The winter wheat used for the production of the Vodka is only grown on a very specific field and the water used is not just any water that is bottled somewhere - it comes from a source which is located very close to the original village.

The careful selection of the finest and pure ingredients and the company's permanent control over the quality of their products have paid off today. In a continuous distillation process the delectable Absolut Vodka is then processed and checked by Lars Olsson Smith the first head of the distillery.

Overall the award-winning Absolut Vodka is distilled over 100 times. Thus the result is a superb pure Vodka with a crystal clear color and superior flavor without a dominant alcohol touch.

Again the pursuit for perfection has paid off with distinctive quality. In 2013 the Absolut Vodka won the gold medal at the ISW.


  • 2013 - Gold medal, ISW

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Product type Vodka
Item Number 32011
EAN 7312040017034
Dispatch time: 1-2 Working Days
Country SWEDEN
Volume 1 Litre
Colouring No

The Absolut Company AB 117 97 Stockholm Schweden

Condition New