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Sourz Tropical Sweet Sour Spirit Drink 15,0 % 0,7 l

Sourz Red Berry Sweet Sour Spirit Drink 15,0 % 0,7 l

Sourz Red Berry Sweet Sour Spirit Drink 15,0 % 0,7 l

Glayva Whisky Liqueur 35

Glayva Whisky Liqueur 0,7 l

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Alkoholgehalt 15% vol.

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Sourz Tropical Sweet Sour Spirit Drink allows holiday feelings to arise and enchants one with its tropical flavors

Hardly any other liqueur or spirit drink refreshes the senses so much or makes pure holiday feelings arise like the Sourz Tropical Sweet Sour Spirit Drink.

In an azure shade that is reminiscent of the crystal clear sea water in the Caribbean, this Sourz Tropical Shot shimmers through the stylishly designed bottle. The bottle is decorated with a bluish explosive label which appears raised, as if you were at an Indian Holy Festival with a variety of wonderful colors. But enough of the color: what aromas can be expected from this exciting tropical liqueur?

Already on opening a bottle of the heavenly Sourz Tropical, the feeling of fun, spring and summer feelings blossom. A composition of exotic fragrances rises and enriches the senses and leaves the mouth watering for a taste.

At the tasting the Sourz Tropical Sweet Sour Drink presents a pure aroma of fresh coconuts in combination with juicy mangoes and delicious papayas. This liqueur really knows how to put its lovers, at least theoretically, in the Caribbean. This starts from endless white beaches, crystal clear water and drooping palms trees.

The finish of the magnificent Sourz Tropical Sweet Sour Drink again shows its tropical facets and invites you to a further tasting.

We recommend pure consumption of this exotic liqueur or in conjunction with a single ice cube. But without a doubt the Sourz Tropical Sweet Sour Drink also serves as the perfect, alcoholic foundation for tropical cocktails.

The manufacturer recommends that you try the following Tropical Sunrise Cocktail, where the ratio is up to each individual:

Sourz Tropical Sweet Sour Drink

Orange juice and

Lemon-lime soda

This fairly simple cocktail offers the ideal refreshment on hot days. The relatively low alcohol also allows you not break after three cocktails!

Conclusion of the Sourz Tropical Sweet Sour Spirit Drink:

In conclusion, this exciting Sourz tropical Sweet Sour Spirit Drink can be described as a particularly exotic spirit with refreshing aromas of papaya, coconuts and mangoes.

The ideal spirit especially in the spring and summer and should be available in any private bar!

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